Best of 2019 (So Far): The Bronze Age

by Matt Tuck

With the roaring 2020s on the horizon, it’s time to check the scoreboard for the top-selling Bronze Age comics thus far in 2019. How many are in your collection?

The data compiled is based on total CGC-graded comics sold as of November 22. Beside each issue title and number is the volume sold to this point. This includes all grades, from the universal all the way down to the restored.

Eternals-1-194x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): The Bronze Age1. THE ETERNALS #1 (1340)

The Eternals have been white-hot since Marvel’s presentation at D3 during the summer. After announcing the full starring cast (and later Kit Harrington), for the upcoming movie, collectors and investors alike have flocked to the original Jack Kirby Eternals series. While Eternals #1 has gotten the most attention, nearly all the comics in that first run have exploded as collectors grab everything they can get their hands on. Once we get a trailer, things will really take off. At this point, however, if you don’t already have your copies, you likely aren’t getting one without overspending.




She-Hulk-1-196x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): The Bronze Age2. SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 (1052)

For years, fans kept the rumor alive that She-Hulk was on her way to the MCU. At this year’s D23 expo, that faith was rewarded with a Disney+ series starring She-Hulk. Thanks to that bit of exciting news, collectors and investors bought up her first appearance in droves. With prices inflated, it is definitely a seller’s market for Savage She-Hulk #1. Need more on She-Hulk? Check out Post-D23: She-Hulk #1 and Three Keys Poised to Spike Thanks to She-Hulk.





Ms-Marvel-1-195x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): The Bronze Age3. MS. MARVEL #1 (1036)

As I mentioned in the Silver Age Top Sellers, those Carol Danvers keys may not bring the high prices of 2018 and early-2019, but the volume of sales can’t be denied. Leading up to the Captain Marvel movie premiere, Ms. Marvel #1 and Marvel Super-Heroes #13 were burning up the market. All that popularity meant inflated prices, and the balloon burst once the movie hype died out. Collectors are still picking up both issues, but the values have been dropping each month.





Hulk-181-201x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): The Bronze Age4. INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (862)

The perennial favorite among collectors and investors, the first full appearance of Wolverine is always among the top-five Bronze Age comics. This issue has been rock steady for years, and it isn’t likely to lose value for a while longer. That’s especially true as fans await the X-Men to square off with the Avengers. As I’ve written many times over, once that happens, Hulk #181’s ridiculous prices will look like bargains compared to how high they will go when Wolverine pops his claws in the MCU.





ASM-129-201x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): The Bronze Age5. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 (839)

Another “holy grail” on the Bronze Age list, the Punisher’s first appearance is another perennial favorite among collectors. After his Netflix series was canceled, many of his key issues took a hit in terms of popularity and fair market value, but not ASM #129. This classic issue remains unscathed, and it will always be a major force in the market, regardless of whether or not he returns to the MCU (which he eventually will).







Rounding out the rest of the top-10 Bronze Age comics this year are:

  1. Shazam! #1 (671)
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #194 (661)
  3. Star Wars #1 (645)
  4. Giant-Size X-Men #1 (630)
  5. Nova #1 (603)


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