Best of 2019 (So Far): Silver Age Best Sellers

by Matt Tuck

The Fantastic Four may not be coming to the MCU anytime soon, but Marvel’s first family has dominated this year’s Silver Age comics sales. Let’s take a look at these Silver Age best sellers.

It may not be the end of 2019 quite yet, but it’s not too early to take a look at the top sellers. Listed below are the five best-selling Silver Age comics based on sales volume. The data I used for this is based on graded CGC comics. Beside each comic is the total number of sales as of November 17, which includes all grades from the universal down to the restored and incomplete grades.

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FF-48-200x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): Silver Age Best Sellers1. FANTASTIC FOUR #48 (587)

When it came to the number of sales, no other Silver Age comic held a candle to FF #48, which is a testament to the growing popularity of the Silver Surfer.

He was the hot commodity of the Silver Age this year. With Disney purchasing the Fox properties, the rumor mill was on fire with Surfer news. Month after month, collectors and investors alike tracked down copies of Surfer and Galactus’ first appearances, driving up both the sales volume and fair market values.




118895_b43dd89462df26cff964448fad8611e21ac50a40-197x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): Silver Age Best Sellers2. FANTASTIC FOUR #52 (435)

Pulling in at a distant second is the first appearance of a truly groundbreaking character, Black Panther. After the success of his first solo movie, it’s no wonder this issue became increasingly popular. With the sequel on the horizon, this issue will only gain more favor with collectors and investors. The other talking point with FF #52 is it also features the first appearance of the Negative Zone, which will become more important in future MCU films.





Iron-Man-1-199x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): Silver Age Best Sellers3. IRON MAN #1 (402)

Gone but not forgotten, the MCU Iron Man met his demise in the course of Endgame. Of course, that only added to his popularity, especially when it came to Iron Man’s Silver Age appearances. Leading the pack is the debut issue of his first self-titled series, Iron Man #1. In terms of investing, this issue has likely reached its peak unless he’s resurrected in the MCU.





Marvel-Super-Heroes-13-201x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): Silver Age Best Sellers4. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #13 (401)

Much has been said about the declining fair market values of those Silver Age Carol Danvers appearances. Leading up to the premiere of the Captain Marvel movie, there was no comic hotter than Marvel Super-Heroes #13, but in the months following, it has cooled off dramatically. However, the sales figures are still very strong for her first appearance, and it currently sits comfortably inside the top-five best sellers of 2019.





FF-49-200x300 Best of 2019 (So Far): Silver Age Best Sellers5. FANTASTIC FOUR #49 (397)

FF #49 came into its own in 2019. While it’s still considered the consolation prize for collectors unable to afford the lofty prices of FF #48, this comic has ascended into major key status. The other issue to complete the Galactus Trilogy, Fantastic Four #50, is quickly following with elevated FMVs of its own. Even the Surfer’s first solo title is poised just outside the top five, which is yet another sign of the Sentinel of the Spaceways’popularity.


Rounding out the top-10 of the best-selling Silver Age comics are:

6. Silver Surfer #1 (356)

7. Amazing Spider-Man #50 (344)

8. Daredevil #1 (304)

9. Avengers #1 (303)

10. Sub-Mariner #1 (298)


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