Become a Pro at Comic Collecting

by Cassaundra Thomas

Comic collecting is a hobby enjoyed by millions and is a very lucrative industry. In 2018, comic book sales across the US and Canada were approximately $1.09 billion. Whether you are a collector, seller, or a comic book enthusiast, you could turn your collection into a profitable business venture. Learn how to become a pro at comic collecting. 

Fair Market Values at Your Fingertips

02_certvision-300x92 Become a Pro at Comic CollectingMany things factor into the price of a comic book and those prices vary over time. From movie releases to Internet speculation – the price of your comic book can go up or down at the drop of a hat. 

The best way to track the prices of CGC graded comic book sales is by using a tool like GoCollect, an online comic book price guide.  By knowing what a comic is worth, you can avoid paying too much or selling too low. A simple scan or upload of the CGC code of your graded comic into the Visual Search tool can show you the historical prices of that particular comic and the Fair Market Value, giving you insight into what you should buy or sell it for.  

Keeping Up-to-Date on Sales Data

Staying up-to-date on the latest comic sales data is a full-time job, but with GoCollect’s detailed watch alerts, we do the work for you! When you upgrade to a premium subscription, you will be alerted to any new sales of comics on your watch list. The alert will include detailed sales data, images, and a link to the actual sale. Getting immediate alerts puts you ahead of the competition – you will know when to buy and sell before anyone else. Staying up on the latest sales is just one more step in becoming a comic book buying and selling pro.

Analysis & Modeling Tools

edb8f525b225b86241dbf9afe593e2c0-300x146 Become a Pro at Comic CollectingTo be well-versed in buying and selling comics you need to take it a step further. Not only do you need to have the sales data but you need to easily analyze and model that data. You could spend your time creating spreadsheets and researching data on the web, or you could use GoCollect’s handy analysis and modeling tools. With analysis tools, you can go more in-depth on the sales data, getting info on specific types of sales, and grading data. With the modeling tools, you can plot out the same comic by various grades effectively seeing sales data all on one easy to read graph. 


GoCollect’s online price guide is the ultimate tool for comic collectors who want to take their buying and selling to the next level.

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