Beatty offers new, jazz-styled illustrations at Dreamstime

by Jeff

Gary_Scott_Beatty_Horn_Blast Beatty offers new, jazz-styled illustrations at DreamstimeMedia Release — Now designers looking for new, ’50s inspired illustrations for Christmas and beyond have a quality choice. Gary Scott Beatty, Xeric awarded writer and illustrator, comic book colorist and letterer, has been accepted into Dreamstime, a leader in stock photography and illustration and a major supplier of high quality digital images.

“I produce magazines myself and have used the service for many years,” said Beatty. “It recently occurred to me that publishers would appreciate having my art style around to use for ads, covers and stock illustrations.”

Beatty’s growing portfolio on Dreamstime includes Christmas illustrations, backgrounds, blasting trumpets and more, all in the ’50s jazz album design-inspired style that made “Jazz: Cool Birth” a Xeric Grant winning publication.

Those interested can go to to view the portfolio. The site can be accessed from also.

“I’ve been using clip art for over 35 years,” said Beatty, “so I know what designers are looking for.”

“Royalty-free” means designers pay for an image only once to use it as many times as needed, with just a few restrictions. There are no license fees except the initial fee and no other royalties to be paid. The maximum number of copies for printed materials under this license is 500,000.

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