Bear at the Door: Amazing Spider-Man #101

by Norman Robinson III

123017_b954fa71943bf25cdc60e88196d0b445db313d8e-1-199x300 Bear at the Door: Amazing Spider-Man #101Morbius is a true refugee from the 70s, not quite evil, not quite good, totally becomes an anti-hero. In this time of crisis, with a virus on the prowl, the concept of a vampiric scientist with a rare blood disease doesn’t seem too far off the mark. With a Sony-Marvel product and a fantastic young actor in Jared Leto; this movie should flap its wings up into the night’s sky of success.

The other day one of the major newspapers proclaimed we are in a “Bear Market” (Source: WSJ). Does this +30% decline echo in the collectible markets as well? Over the last three weeks what has happened to some of your favorite comic books with movies due to come out? Let’s explore that angle from the vampiric curiosity of Morbius. Have the recent ugly events in the markets rattled his echolocation?  Hopefully, he didn’t wind up in Tahiti. Can this 70s style vamp still put the bite on profits today?




Long-Term – Amazing Spider-Man #101

Title Grade Cost Return
Amazing Spider-Man #101 9.6 $3606 +120%
8.5 $950 +86%
6.5 $475 +44%

Short-Term (6-Months) – Amazing Spider-Man #101

Title Grade Cost Return
Amazing Spider-Man #101 9.6 $3606 -28%
8.5 $950 -.2%
6.5 $446 +6%


123017_b954fa71943bf25cdc60e88196d0b445db313d8e-1-199x300 Bear at the Door: Amazing Spider-Man #101Amazing Spider-Man #101

The returns above tell a tale of long-term strength and short-term weakness. We have had our first trailer or two of Morbius, and the book shot up and has since pulled back. That could be due to the current “Bear Market” (not my words WSJ). The market has taken a one-two punch from the oil war and the current virus infecting America. The short-term potential should perk to life as we get closer to the movie release date July 31st, 2020. At least it is set up as a summer blockbuster, and not appearing in March like poor Bloodshot!

Morbius doesn’t scare easily, he is the only “Living Vampire” and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #101. This monster was created by Stan “The Man” Lee and Roy Thomas (art) in 1971. Ever since the Morbius movie was on the drawing board and public knowledge; this book has been on a solid uptick. Sucking the lifeblood from any rival books and draining every last drop of speculative frenzy.




250px-Morbius_The_Living_Vampire_Vol_2_1-223x300 Bear at the Door: Amazing Spider-Man #101Conclusion

With lackluster recent returns, and investment guru’s in a fearsome frenzy of selling; the best course of action is to sit tight and see where the upcoming movie takes it. As we receive additional footage this book could heat up again. As a speculator, the macroeconomic situation notwithstanding, summer could be a time of rebirth for the economy and a sigh of relief for the American people. In that scenario, a solid Sony production, with good writing could take off as a hit and the book could catch that tailwind.

The alternative as a collector is to just put it in your collection as a big key for a Spidey villain. Amazing Spider-Man is the Blue Chip stock of the comic buying and selling world. You could do worse than to buy and hold Amazing Spider-Man #101. Either option looks pretty good to me, better use your speculative echolocation to find a copy at your local comic book retailer. But beware there are other speculative “Living Vampires” out there hunting, don’t end up somebody’s dinner.




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