Be on the lookout for these 2nd appearances!

by Mike W

Appearances-Chart-300x225 Be on the lookout for these 2nd appearances!A comic’s value can be driven by a litany of factors. Factors that include a nice cover, newsstand vs direction, limited distribution, and yes, a first appearance. The first appearance of a character in a comic tends to be one of the most important factors in determining its value. These days, everyone is hoping to grab the issue of the next big character. Another reason is that the first appearance of a popular character can have long staying power in the market.  With that, sometimes it can be too late in grabbing that key issue before it booms out of reach. Below are some under-valued second appearance issues worth grabbing.

While this topic is not new to GoCollect bloggers, it’s still an interesting topic to look at! Here are the two I believe are undervalued.

The Punisher

ASM129-225x300 Be on the lookout for these 2nd appearances!It has been a media wave for the Punisher in the last couple of years. Punisher, also known as Frank Castle, has received a ton of media attention through its live-action movie and its own series on Netflix. With that, the first appearance of this character has been booming! For example, the fair market value (FMV) for a graded 3.0 copy is an estimated $675! The first appearance of the Punisher is in Amazing Spider-man #129. This issue has been reprinted at least five times! In addition, the surge of value should increase since it is only a matter of time when the Punisher joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).



The Punisher’s Second Appearance

frank-204x300 Be on the lookout for these 2nd appearances!The first appearance issue is reaching epic values and it highly recommended to consider grabbing his second appearance. The issue that depicts this is in Amazing Spider-man #135.  The prices for this book offers more flexibility on the grade and it does not “break the bank”. For example, an individual can obtain a high graded copy for under $500. The book will grow in value as long as the first appearance rises in value. If anything, the issue offers a really nice cover as well.






morbius-199x300 Be on the lookout for these 2nd appearances!This character is not as locked in as the Punisher, but still has tons of room for growth. The character I am referring to is Morbius. The live-action movie is set for Sony in the upcoming year or two with Jared Leto as the actor portraying him. The value has been steadily rising in the last couple of years as well. The growth for this character is dependent if the solo movie is successful. If it is, there is high speculation Morbius will be mixed in the MCU as part of their “super-natural” lineup of characters with Blade, Ghost Rider, and many more! The first appearance of Morbius is in Amazing Spider-Man # 101. The value of the issue has not reached the level of the punisher, but a high-grade copy goes as high as $900.  Lastly, for collectors, be on the lookout for the second print of this issue. It dons a silver background that has the same art as the first print.


Second Appearance of Morbius

lizard-200x300 Be on the lookout for these 2nd appearances!This second appearance of Morbius is in Amazing Spider-Man #102. This issue serves with dual significance. It contains the second appearance and origin of the character Morbius. This issue will provide a low risk if the solo movie does not work out. The value of this book is pretty affordable. A graded 9.2 copy is averaging at about $280. Meaning, it is very possible to have a very high grade without spending in the thousands. In addition, the issue of having the origin story of the character could rise in value if the movie grabs material from it for its plot.


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Fred November 4, 2020 - 6:05 pm

The ASM 102 also has a misprint on the cover for those collectors who like that niche. See if you can spot it!

Mike W November 6, 2020 - 9:40 pm

Great comment and good catch! Do you have the misprint for yourself?


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