BATTLEFIELDS: DEAR BILLY #1 Launches January 2009

by Jeff

DEAR BILLY launches in January with a new #1 under the BATTLEFIELDS banner. The three issue series follows the lauded release of THE NIGHT WITCHES — the first of the three war comics by Ennis and Dynamite!

“As with our opening series -THE NIGHT WITCHES – I’m honored to be a part of this continued Battlefields series,” stated Dynamite Associate Editor Joe Rybandt. “We work with some of the greatest talents out there and not only do we get The Boys month-in and month-out from Garth (and Darick and co.), but to get such strong, connective work from him within a genre he knows and loves is truly the definition of job satisfaction.”

Joining Garth for DEAR BILLY #1 is artist Peter (THE BOYS) Snejbjerg, colorist Rob Steen and cover artist John Cassaday! As with THE NIGHT WITCHES #1, issue #1 of DEAR BILLY features an alternate cover by Garry Leach!

BFBilly01CovCassaday BATTLEFIELDS: DEAR BILLY #1 Launches January 2009TNBFBilly01CovCassaday BATTLEFIELDS: DEAR BILLY #1 Launches January 2009

GARTH ENNIS’ BATTLEFIELDS: DEAR BILLY #1 (OF 3) (DCD: NOV083938): By Ennis, Snejbjerg, Steen, Cassaday and Leach!

1942: In the tropical splendour of the South China sea, as the Second World War spreads across the far east, a young woman finds herself in paradise… and then in hell. Nurse Carrie Sutton is caught up in the Japanese invasion of Singapore, suffering horrors beyond her wildest nightmares- and survives. Now she attempts to start her life anew, buoyed up by a growing friendship with a wounded pilot- only for fate to deliver up the last thing she ever expected. Carrie at last has a chance for revenge… but should she take it? In the midst of a world torn apart by war, you can fight and you can win- but you still might not get the things you truly want.

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