Batman Who Laughs Carving His Name in the DCU

by Matt Tuck

BWL-art-300x251 Batman Who Laughs Carving His Name in the DCUArguably the hottest new character in comics, the Batman Who Laughs is carving his name into the DC Universe, and his key issues are gaining value by the day.

Less than two years ago, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo introduced us to an evil Justice League made up of villainous Batmen from alternate dimensions. While most of the amalgamation of characters were more or less cheap throwaways for a Justice League crossover event, fans latched onto the Batman Who Laughs, who is Batman fused with the Joker.

Now that the BWL has fully entered the regular DC Universe with his own limited series, all of his keys issues are on fire. Here’s the rundown.

Teen-Titans-12-195x300 Batman Who Laughs Carving His Name in the DCUTEEN TITANS #12

The first full appearance of the Batman Who Laughs, this comic isn’t slowing down. At a 9.8 – and since this comic is only two years old, most grades being sold will be higher grades – has a 90-day average of $342. Last year, it averaged $275. In January, one copy sold for $450, which was a new record-high sale. Since then, it hasn’t reached the $400 mark, but it hasn’t sold for less than $325 over the course of eight sales.

The 9.6 is earning respectable numbers as well. Already this year, it’s sold for as much as $199, which is approaching the record sale of $210 from 2018. It has a 90-day fair market value of $148, and the most recent sale on February 6 was for $175.



Batman-Who-Laughs-1-195x300 Batman Who Laughs Carving His Name in the DCUDARK NIGHTS: BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1

Part of the series of Dark Nights one-shots spotlighting the demonic versions of Batman, the BWL #1 is the first self-titled series for the character. After averaging $114 at the tail end of 2017, the 9.8’s FMV dropped to $69 last year. With the success of the new BWL series, Dark Nights: BWL has taken a sharp turn in the right direction. For the past 90 days, it’s averaged $75. So far this year, it has sold for $100 or more four out of seven times, and the most recent sale was for $89.





BWL-1-2019-197x300 Batman Who Laughs Carving His Name in the DCUBATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 (2019)

Scott Snyder is penning a masterful tale with this limited series, and the fan response has been great. Not only is the writing top notch, but Jock’s artwork is beautiful as always.

It has only been on the market for a couple of months, but the prices for the standard edition have already climbed thanks to the first appearance of yet another alternate Batman, the Grim Knight. Who is he? He’s basically Batman if Frank Castle took up the cowl.

Earlier this month, a 9.8 brought $70, and it is currently averaging $47. A Grim Knight one-shot origin story has already been announced for March, and that will spike prices even more when that is released, so have that on your pull list.


Dark-Nights-2-195x300 Batman Who Laughs Carving His Name in the DCUDARK NIGHTS: METAL #2

The only BWL key that isn’t flourishing is his first cameo appearance. Of course, that cameo was a shadowy silhouette and revealed next to nothing, so it’s no wonder collectors aren’t raiding this issue. Still, if you are a BWL fan, you’ll want to add this to your stack. At the moment, a standard edition 9.8 has a 90-day FMV of just $35.

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