by James Jou

213385_c7580e5b67e2218cd30d203bd007904194108fbb-196x300 BATMAN: HUSH / SUPERMAN: RED SON

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Superman’s spaceship would have crash landed somewhere else other than Kansas? In a different country instead of USA and with different parents, how would Kal-El have turned out? Would he still become the Superman we all know? This hypothetical scenario was explored in Mark Millar’s Red Son mini-series.

If reading isn’t your thing, you’re in luck!  This series has recently been announced by DC to be adapted into an animated feature film. Here we will examine the market for Red Son’s key comic book, by comparing it to Batman: Hush which recently experience similar animated feature adaptation conditions.




The first official announcement for an animated feature film based on the Hush comic book story arc occurred on July 2018. While the issue that started off the story arc had multiple variants, we will focus on the ones with the largest volume of sales: Batman #608 (2nd Printing, 2002) and Batman #608 (1st Printing, 2002). Interestingly, the 2nd printing has attained a higher value on the market than the 1st printing. Below is the sales data for both versions, graded in CGC 9.9, and centered on the months surrounding the announcement:



680887_batman-608-2nd-printing-194x300 BATMAN: HUSH / SUPERMAN: RED SONrsh_1a-300x180 BATMAN: HUSH / SUPERMAN: RED SON



191039_59716bcee841e56319618c03316d18153b04e901-195x300 BATMAN: HUSH / SUPERMAN: RED SONrsh_2b-300x180 BATMAN: HUSH / SUPERMAN: RED SON


The sales values for Batman #608 (2nd printing) were stagnant around $300 leading up to the announcement. Then in the three months following, it grew at a rapid pace until it broke the $400 level in October 2018. For anyone already holding the book, the returns would have been amazing at +33%. Unfortunately for the main version of Batman #608, it saw little of the upward pressure the 2nd printing experienced.

A little over a year after the first announcement, the animated movie was finally released July 20, 2019. The rapid growth in value for Batman #608 (2nd printing) plateaued in late 2018. The initial bump was all the growth in value it saw until present day. With barely any change in value, the current fair market value for Batman #608 (2nd printing) is sitting at $400. Likewise, the first printing (9.8) has been flat at $95. On the bright side, it didn’t rapidly drop in value to pre-announcement levels. Although, with the movie released a few days ago on July 20th, this could very well change. If the announcement was the only catalyst for upwards movement, and it wasn’t even sustained past 3 months; where do you think the book will go next? Likely down.



213383_dc23b56b1cb44ff08b337aa8649d42d94b20ae0c-196x300 BATMAN: HUSH / SUPERMAN: RED SONHaving examined Batman: Hush, this brings us back to Superman: Red Son. During DC’s release and screening of Batman: Hush at the San Diego Comic Con 2019, they officially announced the production and release date for Superman: Red Son. Here, the key issue we will examine is Superman: Red Son #1 (2003).

For the last year, sales volume has been relatively low, with about 3 copies graded at CGC 9.8 sold in 2018, 1 in 2017, and 3 in 2016. The high was $160 and low was $51.99. Between the low volume of sales, price range, and similar market behavior for Batman: Hush, the window for speculation for Superman: Red Son is extremely limited.




  • SUPERMAN: RED SON #1 – HOLD if you already have a copy. Assuming similar performance to Batman: Hush, REDUCE sometime at the end of 2019 or around a +33% gain.



“We ordinary people might lack your great speed or your X-Ray vision, Superman, but never underestimate the power of the human mind. We carry the most dangerous weapon on Earth inside these thick skulls of ours.” – Mark Millar, Superman: Red Son



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