Batman Beyond Soars into 2019

by Matt Tuck

Batman-Beyond-1-197x300 Batman Beyond Soars into 2019Batman Beyond is poised to make a huge impact on the market, and his first appearance is already booming just days after Sony’s movie announcement.

Sony hit the jackpot with its animated hit, Into the Spider-Verse. The company is already planning a sequel and tie-ins, and the first appearances of the alternate versions of Spider-Man have been setting new records for over a month now. With all the success, you can’t blame DC/Time-Warner for wanting a piece of the action.

Batman-Beyond-Alex-Ross-187x300 Batman Beyond Soars into 2019It was recently announced that a Batman Beyond animated feature film is in the works, and casting has begun for the protagonist, Terry McGinnis.

In the late-1990s, Batman Beyond started as a spin-off from the legendary Batman: the Animated Series. In 1999, the future Batman was given his first comic, though it was set in the animated universe and was not considered canon. However, the character’s popularity grew, and DC established him in the DCU six years later.

Over the years, fans have been clamoring for a Batman Beyond theatrical movie (he did star in the direct-to-video animated movie, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker). A couple weeks ago, filmmaker and world-renowned comic fan Kevin Smith stirred up rumors by suggesting Michael Keaton would be great as an older Bruce Wayne for a live-action Batman Beyond film.

While we’re not going to be treated to a live-action version anytime soon, an animated Batman Beyond movie sounds like a great idea, and collectors will want to snatch up the first appearance.

Generally speaking, Batman Beyond #1 (1999) had a down year in 2018, but movie news (or even movie rumors, for that matter) can set the market ablaze in a hurry.

Batman-Beyond-Art-202x300 Batman Beyond Soars into 2019Starting at the top, the 9.8’s value has grown by leaps and bounds in a very short time. In 2017, it averaged a respectable $303 and saw a slight increase to $364 last year. The funny thing is, it was actually down from those numbers to start 2019. On January 11, it sold for $200, but eight days later, it went for $350. Then things got crazy with a $412 sale on January 26.

The 9.6’s numbers are head turning as well. Two years ago, it averaged less than $100 and was only up to an FMV of $103 in 2018. So far this year, it hasn’t sold for less than $199 and brought $245 on January 31. Then there’s the 9.4, which has a February 1 sale of $150 that is nearly twice last year’s $81 average sale price. What’s interesting is that the $81 average was down from 2017’s $90 FMV.

Likewise the 9.2 had a drop in FMV last year, going from $93 in 2017 to $78 in 2018. Those numbers were far surpassed with the $114 sale on January 29. To round out the near-mints, a 9.0 was sold for $90 last month when that grade didn’t sell at all in 2018.

Batman-Beyond-Painting-192x300 Batman Beyond Soars into 2019Considering the success of Into the Spider-Verse, I don’t see how a Batman Beyond animated movie can fail if it stays true to the original incarnation. Whether or not it will live up to Spider-Verse remains to be seen, but adults and children alike will flock to the theaters to see a whole new take on Batman like they did with Spider-Man. That’s when today’s prices for Batman Beyond #1 will truly soar into the stratosphere.


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