Batman Arkham Asylum Rules!

by Jeff

by Josh@TFAW

If you’re like me, you ran out to your local video game purveyor to pick up your copy of Arkham Asylum yesterday. I had a chance to sit down with the game for a couple of uninterrupted hours (big props to my wife) and I was really happy with what I saw.

arkhamasylum Batman Arkham Asylum Rules!

The gameplay is really easy to get down. While there are only a couple buttons for attacks, each fight looks completely new. Starting out, you’ve got your trusty batarangs and your grappling gun. That’s it. Your mission is to track down the Joker and regain control of the Asylum.

Along the way, you’ll use your detective skills to learn more about your environment and (if you’re a 360 achievement whore like me) get waaaaay sidetracked by trying to solve puzzles that the Riddler has left for you. A bunch of sites are already mentioning things like Game of the Year or “this year’s Bioshock.” I’m only 6% through the game, but I’m so hooked. Oh, yeah if you get your copy at EB Games, it comes with a code for a DLC Scarecrow challenge map, “Dem Bones,” while supplies last.

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What about you? Did you download the demo and play it 20 times? Go to one of the midnight release parties? Hate the game? Let us know below.

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