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by Jeff

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jun090146d Batman And Robin #3 REVIEWBatman and Robin #3
DC Comics
Morrison & Quitely

The first eerie arc wraps up as Dick and Damian seem to rise to the occasion and gets things done as a team. However, as the reader, we find that it’s really a mix of good timing as well as some detective work that brings them into the winning situation. It could have easily gone very badly and it seems that a little luck has paid off for the duo. The issue is very tight and light on complexity. However, some of the dialogue definitely requires some careful reading as we seem to venture into the bizarre at times. The artwork has its high points but is not the highlight of this issue by any means. This is a terrific comic.

geekgoggle Batman And Robin #3 REVIEWThe comic opens with Batman, aka Dick, torturing one of the villains to find out some of the gory details. This is done with the commissioner’s knowledge and consent. This provides some insight into how Gordon wants to approach this new Batman. It also allows Dick to mark his territory with the police to display how he plans to proceed with the new status quo with him as Batman. It’s a good scene.

Dick arrives on the scene of Pyg’s operation only to find Robin, aka Damian, there and fighting for his life. Dick takes charge and allows Damian to save major face in the process. Dick doesn’t acknowledge just how neck-deep Damian was to his face and he doesn’t even really let on to Damian that he’s aware that he saved Damian’s life. The comic is a raging success in these pages because it nails Damian, Dick and their interaction. Damian acts like a fool, but one that understands when to follow an experienced lead. Dick takes Damian under his wing on Damian’s terms, just as he did with Tim when it was necessary. It’s a great story to watch these two form this type of relationship.

The comic has its problems with Pyg’s insane dialogue. It’s not something you can just read and understand. It comes off like reading Beowulf or some other old English novel. You have to parse out the words and dissect the panel to understand what he is getting at. One other odd point in this comic is how quickly Gordon accepts Dick and his new way. It just came off as almost sarcastic.

The artwork was great for the bulk of the comic. I loved the tones used in the action scenes and the creepiness of the cast of villains. My only minor complaint was the unpolished look on the close-ups of the faces for the non-villains, such as Gordon’s. It seemed unfinished almost.

The comic also plants a few seeds for the future that makes it all the more enjoyable. We see how Damian’s actions trying to fight instead of rescue will create some problems down the road. We also see how this arc ties back to the ending of RIP. We also observe how Damian may look up to Dick, but he isn’t totally honest with him either. The issue gives an awful lot to think over once the issue ends.

In some ways you could say this is just a simple comic where the good guys save the day. However, it really isn’t that cut and dry. The good guys end the threat but it’s a flawed execution and the errors seem realistic enough that they help make this comic better than your ordinary good guys win type story. I enjoyed this issue enough to want the next arc to start immediately. I definitely recommend this comic.

4.5 out of 5 geek goggles

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