Batman #682 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Batman #682 REVIEW

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Batman #682
DC Comics
Morrison, Garbett & Scott

I loved RIP. I loved the finale. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed the Morrison run on Batman. The previous issue, the last issue of RIP, left a lot of open issues and unanswered questions. This issue pretty much addresses none of that. It appears this issue is about four pages of a tie in to Final Crisis with the remainder of the issue a look back at the life and times of Batman at random points. This issue was a huge disappoint for me. Maybe if I were reading Final Crisis I would have liked it more.

sep080111d Batman #682 REVIEW

The issue begins with a retro telling of how Batman became Batman. He appears as Mosquitoman and Owlman, among others in the various “dreams”. Alfred explains this to him as he pulls some bullets out of his back. This seems to be the earliest days of Batman from Alfred’s perspective.

As the comic roles through the years we get glimpses of Batman cutting off relationships with women, taking in and training Dick Grayson, some involvement with Batwoman as well as him meeting a Doctor Simon Hurt.

It ends with Batman captive somewhere in Final Crisis where they are going to make an army of Batmen. I have no idea what the last two pages mean.

The issue makes no use of the momentum or the events from RIP. The story comes across as a narrative that seems to have no identifiable voice. It seems to waver between being told by Alfred, Batman and then his captures. I find the issue to hold little relevance in its contents.

However, the issue is not a total waste. Obviously, the Final Crisis fans receive something for their story. But the Batman fans do get a very good retrospective of Bruce’s mindset and how it changed for the better as Dick entered his life. This condensed look at their relationship was spectacular. While it only looks at individual, short moments, it manages to establish how Bruce became a lot more relaxed when Dick came into his role as the Boy Wonder.

The artwork is also very good. As the times change in the life of Batman, the art renders the proper changes to the costume. It couldn’t have been done any better. Even that first appearance of the Nightwing costume captured the times perfectly.

Well if you like your examination of Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Dick Grayson in a single comic then this issue is for you. If you are following Final Crisis then I think the last two pages are what you were looking for. RIP fans need not check in for this issue.

2 out of 5 geek goggles

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