Batman #677

by Jeff
geekgoggle Batman #677

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Batman #677
DC Comics
Morrison, Daniel & Florea

The second part of the RIP storyline brings some confusion, some intrigue, a revisitation of the past and excellent art. The easy thing to do in a review for a Batman comic is to discuss the long term storyline being woven by Morrison. However, I will attempt to keep my criticism solely contained to this one issue.

Batman is being hunted by the Black Glove. He knows it. Everyone seems to know it. Yet, he cant stop it. It’s nothing new for some villain to put together a string of events that will ultimately take down the Batman. However, this gang seems to have an “in” that the others hadn’t had. One of the villains involved had access to Bruce Wayne in his youth. He had a trigger implanted into Bruce’s head a long time ago. Or at least, this is what it seems. This group plans to exploit it.

Bruce was also drugged, unbeknownst to him, in the beginning of this issue. This leaves him ready to go off the deep end. Combine the conditioning with the drugging and Batman seems to be very, very vulnerable. Not to mention the fact that he is distracted by his girlfriend.

None of this is too bizarre or unbelievable. But we aren’t done yet.

Batman brings his girlfriend for a date in the Batcave. There, he shares with her all the details of the Black Glove case he is working on. Why? Maybe because of the drugs. But maybe not. Batman’s girl also has Batman thinking that he, Batman, could potentially be the Black Glove. Say what?

Of but there is more. While this is going on, Gordon has a conversation with a newspaper guy about a story they are about to break about Bruce Wayne’s parents. I don’t want to give it all away, but if this is true, then Batman is going to have to rethink the reasons why he is Batman. The potential revistation of the whole Batman origin would probably cause a stir among the Batman loyalists. Just a guess, but I tend to think it wont go over too well.

Finally, we have the Batcave invaded.

The issue is strong. It has excellent art to really help along the story. However, when completed, I found myself scratching my head about the retcon of Batman’s parents and I found myself wondering why Bruce would be bringing his girlfriend into the cave and sharing case details with her. I mean isn’t that what Alfred’s for?

You add all this up and I liked the issue. I just was left pondering things that probably weren’t meant to be a lasting impression on the reader. Also, where is the Joker? His absence in this issue is kind of annoying considering how the previous one ended.

This issue will most likely make more sense when the full arc is complete, but as an individual comic I am left asking myself, “Is this really in Batman’s character do act like this?” I generally think not.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

mar080144d Batman #677
Batman #677

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