Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max?

by Mike W

Batman-Catwoman-2-1280x720-1-300x169 Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max?There have been rumors for years of expanding more characters in the “Bat-Family” for the DC multi-media universe. Currently, Batman is showcased in the movie universe with Robert Pattinson taking the live-action role. It is rumored that past actors, such as Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, who took the role of Batman in the past, could be appearing in the upcoming movies or television series. In addition, Batwoman is currently on the small screen into its second season on the CW Network, with a new iteration of the character. Finally, the character of Nightwing is also being played on the HBO Max platform on the Titans television series. According to, there is a possible lead that Batgirl could be heading to HBO Max in the form of a movie. The real question is, which version will come DC Comics choose as the next Batgirl?

Batgirl Through the Ages

The hero of Batgirl has gone through different female characters over the years. In fact, the character has been in existence since the Silver Age! So, let’s dive into the many female individuals that took the mantle of Batgirl.

kane-204x300 Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max?Betty Kane

Chronologically, Betty Kane donned the costume of Bat-Girl during the time of 1961. Batman #139 is the issue where she is known as the first appearance of the hero. There is not much notable for Kane other than the fact she is the first to portray the hero of Bat-Girl. Relation-wise, if her last name sounds familiar, she is the niece of Kathy Kane. Kathy is also known as Batwoman.

Stephanie Brown

brown-1-193x300 Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max?One possible character in the DC universe that could be the next Batgirl is Stephanie Brown. Brown is a very diverse character as she has portrayed different hero roles during her existence. Stephanie has portrayed the superhero roles of Robin in Robin #126 and as Spoiler in Detective Comics #647. The roles clearly identified her as a very versatile character that DC can utilize if she is introduced to the media universe. The key issue in which she becomes the new Batgirl is in the issue of Batgirl #1. I do believe her chances are pretty high as her adaptability can be very useful on how DC Comics wants to use her in any role they seem fit.

Barbara Gordon

detective_comics_359-200x300 Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max?The last character I want to mention as the next Batgirl is Barbara Gordon. Gordon is a very popular character in the Batman mythos. She is the daughter of one of Batman’s famous allies, Commissioner James Gordon. So it is fitting that his daughter would follow her dad’s footsteps in fighting crime. Barbara’s first appearance and origin as Batgirl are in Detective Comics #359. It is interesting to note there is a rumor that the character could be appearing in the current HBO Max television of Titans. The likelihood that she could crossover from television to movies could happen. It would be weird to recast the character if she appears on the tv show. In addition, the rumor is that the movie would be on the same HBO Max platform.

Who Do You Think It Will be?

HBO-Max-logo-300x151 Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max?To sum up, I did not list all the characters who donned the costume of Batgirl. I chose the characters that I felt had the best chance of appearing in the rumored HBO Max movie in the upcoming future. Which character do you think will appear in the upcoming HBO Max movie?


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