Bat-Family Keys

by Matt Tuck

151806_5252b5c7990a90bf63b49b3d0f36d6b0275ab870-197x300 Bat-Family Keys

This Saturday, Batman Day will be upon us. That means get ready for your social media to explode with all things Caped Crusader. But we’re collectors, so give us the comics and save the Batman-themed emojis for the kids.

As we take a look at the Hottest Comics being sold on eBay this week, let’s give some attention to the Bat-Family keys.


Whether or not the rumors of a Joker/Harley Quinn spinoff with Jared Leto and Margot Robbie come to fruition is anybody’s guess. Personally after seeing “Suicide Squad” and the horrendous portrayal of the Joker, I think we should kill this rumor with fire. And lots of it. But fans of Harley Quinn will be giddy if it turns out to be true.

Speaking of Harley Quinn, who would have known back in 1993 that the kids’ Batman series adapted from the cartoons would find its way into comic history? I wish I had bought a copy of “The Batman Adventures” #12 when it was only $1.25. In case you have been in a coma for, oh, 24 years, TBA #12 was the first time Harley Quinn was featured in a DC comic. Before then, she was gaining popularity as the Joker’s girlfriend/sidekick in “Batman: the Animated Series” and its subsequent spinoffs. These days, TBA #12 remains a top seller, and even a low grade issue will cost you $150-$200. This week, it has dipped in sales across the board, but it still remains the fifth-hottest comic.

What I will argue is Harley Quinn’s more important first appearance is “Batman: Harley Quinn” #1. While her true first appearance was limited to a cartoon adaptation, this marked the character’s debut in the regular DC Universe. It also has an iconic cover that has been imitated many times since it was published back in 1999. “Suicide Squad” also paid tribute to the cover by using that image in a Joker/Harley scene. This week, “Batman: Harley Quinn” #1 is very hot as it has climbed 254 spots and is the 23rd-hottest comic.


Harley isn’t the only woman in the Bat-Family drawing attention.

Joss Whedon (I’m guessing you’ve heard of him, right?) wants to bring Batgirl to the silver screen, and it looks like it will eventually happen. These days, Barbara Gordon has quite the following, so fans will line up to see it if sales of her first appearance is any indication.

“Detective Comics” #359 is 22nd on the Hottest Comics list this week, rising 218 spots. This 1967 issue will only get more popular when the Whedon-directed finally starts filming. If you have the money to spend, now is the time to get a copy. Anything graded a 7.0 and above is averaging over $1,000, not that you should be surprised by that. Wait until Batgirl becomes part of the main stream, and this one will bring in even higher prices.


If I’m going to write about the Bat-Family, it would be a travesty to leave out the first member of the fam, Dick Grayson.

After years of being the teenage sidekick in a awkward costume, Grayson moved on from the red and yellow to a disco-inspired blue costume with a giant collar. Thus, Nightwing was born in the pages of “Tales of the Teen Titans” #44. Since then, NIghtwing has gotten better clothes and better stories. Tom King even penned the self-titled “Grayson” series to critical acclaim, which shows the popularity of the character. The bonus here is that “Tales” #44 not only gave us Nightwing, but it also showcased the first appearances of Jericho and brought us the origin of Deathstroke the Terminator.

“Tales of the Teen Titans” fell in sales this week, but it is still firmly in the top-100 Hottest Comics at number 65. With Nightwing having been cast in the upcoming “Titans” show, the early appearances will be garnering more attention, so keep an eye on his key issues.

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