BACK ISSUE #78 has the will to be weird

by Jeff

OCT141878 BACK ISSUE #78 has the will to be weirdBACK ISSUE #78 (84 pages, FULL-COLOR, $8.95) is a Weird Issue! Batman’s Weirdest Team-Ups, JOE ORLANDO’s Weird Adventure Comics, Weird War Tales, Weird Mystery Tales, STEVE DITKO’s Shade the Changing Man and Stalker, HOWARD CHAYKIN’s Iron Wolf, ROBERT CRUMB’s Weirdo, and JIM STARLIN and BERNIE WRIGHTSON’s The Weird. Featuring the work of JIM APARO, LUIS DOMINGUEZ, MICHAEL FLEISHER, BOB HANEY, PAUL LEVITZ, and more. Batman and Deadman cover by ALAN CRADDOCK. Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

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This issue will be in stores Wednesday, January 14, and ships directly from TwoMorrows on January 7.

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