Back from the Dead(pool)

by Matt Tuck

147540_099b4fbcf31cc85003de83875666471105bffdcf-194x300 Back from the Dead(pool)

It wasn’t long ago that I reported on the downward trend of Deadpool comic sales. The numbers were concrete proof that the “Merc with a Mouth” was falling out of fans’ graces. However, I am prepared to eat my words thanks to the huge opening weekend of Deadpool 2.

After hitting theaters last weekend, Deadpool 2 reportedly amassed the second-highest grossing opening weekend for an R-rated movie in history. It even managed to knock Infinity War off the top spot at the box office. So far, the fan reviews are positive, which means there likely won’t be a major drop off on ticket sales in the coming weeks.

With such high praise and attention for Deadpool 2, you can expect that sales will be picking up once again for those Deadpool keys. You can also look for Deadpool to grace the cover of many Marvel comics for at least a couple more years if not longer.


Over the course of 2017, most grades of NM #98 took a hit in average sale price. A CGC-graded 9.0, for instance, saw 32 fewer sales and a lower average price from 2016 to 2017. An 8.5 faced a similar issue as it dropped from an average of $230 in 2016 to $214 last year. This trend continues for the majority of graded NM #98s all the way down to the lower grades. However, the excitement from Deadpool 2 has given the market for DP’s first appearance a much-needed boost.

As fans were stoked over the trailers and now with the movie raking in millions, the tide has turned. That same 9.0 that averaged $244 in 2017? It’s jumped to $290 in the past three months, and it is almost guaranteed to climb even higher. How about the 8.5, you may ask? That grade is currently averaging $254. At this pace, we’ll be seeing those 2015 and 2016 prices as excitement and inflation take hold.


New Mutants might stand out as the iconic Deadpool moment as far as his debut, but most of his early appearances were in the pages of X-Force, which makes it fitting that the team premiered on the big screen in Deadpool 2.

While not a major key, X-Force #10 will draw interest as it is the first cover featuring Cable and Deadpool drawn by superstar artist Greg Capullo. The cover alone is what brings in the DP/Cable fans, and the price is on the rise in a big way. In 2017, a 9.8 was bringing around $25. So far this year, it has jumped to $57.

Another X-Force/Deadpool key to watch is X-Force #11. Not only do you get a classic Rob Liefeld Deadpool cover, but this is the first appearance of the real Domino who had been impersonated by Copycat in NM #98. Her character is gaining fans after DP 2, and with that rise in popularity is a rise in price tags. The 90-day average for nearly all grades of XF #11 have seen a slight increase, and a 9.8 has now cracked the $100 mark.

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