B-B-B-Brood is the Word!

by Michael Vlachakis

134319_e77e4444ba1cb3e4ac094a5b4c920b8702541250-195x300 B-B-B-Brood is the Word!Speculation season is upon us.  Now is the time to make the best moves before everyone else figures out what is going to happen.  Where are the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies going to lead?  What characters are going to become popular and get a value bump in their comics?  Trying to get ahead of the game can be exciting and exhausting.  Let’s see if we can pinpoint the next value play.

The Marvel Universe is filled with a variety of alien creatures and civilized beings.  One of the more treacherous races is the Brood.  A hive of parasitic bug-like beings, the Brood were introduced in X-Men #155 in 1982.  The race was encountered by the X-Men in a ploy by Deathbird to overthrow the Shi’ar empire.  To help tie the story-line into the current Marvel Universe, the Brood is responsible for altering Carol Danvers into the character known as Binary.  Captain Marvel 2 writing team…I hope you are reading this and taking notes.

There has been a bunch of hype about the superhero genre leading into a more horror movie type of feel.  I am sure there are a bunch of studio hacks trying to figure out if they have the rights to Frankenstein’s monster, or if they want to use Werewolf by Night or the Man-wolf as their monster character.  I hope they just stop that nonsense in its tracks.  Go alien to be scary.  The Brood is an easy pitch to a horror director who wants to make his way into hero flicks.  Call some Hollywood agents.

If you utilize the Brood as a foil for Carol Danvers in a sequel, you can use the group as an introduction to the X-Men in the MCU.  Perhaps Carol is used as a hostage and needs rescuing by a powered super-team who can replace the Avengers in the post End Game world.  We have to have a room of people getting paid to think these things up.

Sales of X-Men #155 have been steady when copies appear on the market.  Fair Market Value (FMV) currently sits at $120 for a 9.8 graded copy.  The market has seen this book go closer to the $150-$180 range.  There is even an elusive newsstand variant that has sold for over $200.  The census is extremely loaded at the high end, so trying to find value in a newsstand copy may be the best way to maximize the profitability of this book.

Overall, X-Men titles are trading at a bit of a lull.  Books in the $100-$160 issue range are very affordable and are sometimes abundant in waves.  Prices for these issues have been slowly settling as the completion of the Fox X-Men franchise hits and the speculation of a future MCU version of the mutants is a bit unknown.  It is my guess that we will see a very large resurgence in the X-Men once they are announced in the MCU.  Now is the time to buy if you share a similar belief about the prospects of the franchise.

Is there another alien race you hope makes an appearance in the MCU?  Are the X-Men a guarantee in the MCU?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!


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