Auctions & News 6/22: Phantom Lady #17 Auctions for $456,000

by Matt Tuck

062121B-300x160 Auctions & News 6/22: Phantom Lady #17 Auctions for $456,000Phantom Lady #17 and other Promise Collection pieces begin to hit the auction block and a major video game auction is already seeing near-$100k figures for some rare Nintendo cartridges in this week’s Auction & Collecting News Roundup.

THE PROMISE COLLECTION BEGINS TO HIT THE AUCTION BLOCK – The first books in the much-talked-about Promise Collection have begun to bring in results at Heritage. Phantom Lady #17, the ONLY 9.6 copy logged in the CGC census, as well as a 9.6 Detective Comics #140, the first appearance of The Riddler, each brought in $456,000.  A 9.2 Captain America Comics #74 and a 9.4 Captain America Comics #36 each closed at $204,000 as well.  All four pieces are the highest-graded of these books to ever hit auction. This collection is WELL worth your attention. Check out all the results HERE.

Hot Collectibles Auctionslf-13-e1624321743881-210x300 Auctions & News 6/22: Phantom Lady #17 Auctions for $456,000

-VIDEO GAME SIGNATURE SERIES AUCTION HAPPENING NOW – Time to get your game on, collectors. Happening at Heritage Auctions is a massive auction for some treasures of the collecting world. Highlights of the auction include a sealed Super Mario 64 that has a current bid of $97,500 along with a sealed Legend of Zelda for the NES that has already reached $87,500. For those of us without $100k to spend on collectibles, the impressive auction is worth the time to window shop. Check out ALL the auction items HERE.

1999 POKÉMON SHADOWLESS HOLOGRAPHIC SHEET AT AUCTION AT HAKE’S – This uncut proof sheet with 99 cards, including seven Charizard cards, is currently at auction at Hakes, closing Wed, June 30. While the high bid at the time of this writing is $11,000, it’s expected to jump far higher before closing.  TAKE A LOOK!

THE KENTUCKY COLLECTION – When the owners of the world’s greatest collections choose to market their investments, ComicConnect gets the call. “Like so many collectors, the owner of The Kentucky Collection procured his comics through us over thirty years,” explained Vincent Zurzolo, COO. “He’s always been a stickler for buying nothing but the highest of quality, and the collection was painstakingly curated through many years of diligent effort.” 

Highlights includes Batman #1 CGC 8.0, All Star Comics #3 CGC 9.4, Archie Comics #1 CGC 8.0, All Star Comics #8 CGC 6.5 R, Daredevil #1 CGC 9.4, Action Comics #7 CGC 7.0 R, All Flash #1 CGC 9.0, plus more high-grade Batman comics.

lf-16-e1624370880465-252x300 Auctions & News 6/22: Phantom Lady #17 Auctions for $456,000Still more keys: More Fun Comics #73 CGC 7.0 R, All-American Comics #61 CGC 8.0 R, Daredevil Comics #1 CGC 8.0, Flash Comics #92 CGC 9.0, More Fun Comics #53 CGC 7.0, Jackpot Comics #4 CGC 7.5, Flash Comics #86 CGC 4.5, Flash #105 CGC 8.0, and over 1200 more Golden and Silver Age comics. Take a look at all the items up for bids HERE.

SINGLE HIGHEST-GRADED UNIVERSAL COPY OF GOBBLEDYGOOK #1 for AUCTION AT HAKE’S – A 1984 CGC 9.0 VF/NM SIGNED & SKETCHED BY KEVIN EASTMAN & PETER LAIRD is up for auction at Hake’s. This book features a back cover ad for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 that predates the Turtles’ first appearance. The interior cover features signatures and Ninja Turtle sketches by their creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. White pages. This is a very rare book w/a print run of just 150 issues; this is one of only 12 total in the CGC Census. CHECK IT OUT!

BLACKHAWK AND DOOM PATROL KEYS – More from Heritage, break out your wallets for a treasure trove of classic DC titles. The auction site is offering a plethora of choices, many of which are Blackhawk and Doom Patrol. After the Doom Patrol’s pop culture revival thanks to HBO Max, these obscure DC titles could produce major profits in the future as other forgotten properties from the Golden and Silver Ages get the live-action treatment. READ MORE.

-CHARLES SCHULTZ ORIGINAL ART –  Up for auction at Heritage is an original comic strip hand-drawn by Peanuts creator Charles Schultz from 1951. The bidding is currently at $26k and ends on June 25.

The piece is from the hand of Charles Schulz and demonstrates his sure hand and supple linework. This early installment features the early “versions” of the characters, including Charlie Brown’s smaller feet and gi-normous head (more oval than round here), and Snoopy’s smaller, more puppy-like appearance. Since Peanuts officially premiered on October 2, 1950, this strip from October 9, 1951 marks the near beginning of the comic’s second year in syndication. READ MORE.

lf-14-e1624321930831-216x300 Auctions & News 6/22: Phantom Lady #17 Auctions for $456,000

-ORIGINAL PAINTING FOR FLEER’S MARVEL MASTERPIECES WOLVERINE AIMING AT RECORD HIGH – Greg and Tim Hildebrandt’s original Wolverine painting used for Fleer 1994 Marvel Masterpieces Trading Card #137 is looking to bring over $10,000 at Heritage Auctions. 

The incredible power of mighty X-Men antihero Wolverine is on full display in this eye-popping original painting by the Brothers Hildebrandt. The world-renowned artists Tim Hildebrandt (1939 – 2006) and his twin brother Greg provided the vividly painted images for the aptly named Marvel Masterpiece card set; this image of Wolverine charging through the snowy mountains was used for the deadly X-Man’s character card. The Hildebrandt brothers are perhaps best known for their poster images created for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, and for Magic: The Gathering cards.  READ MORE!

Auction Results:

-DETECTIVE COMICS #27 SELLS FOR $1,125000 – A 5.0 graded copy of Detective Comics #27 with white pages sold for a hefty chunk of change through Heritage’s 2021 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction #7244.  This book currently ranks #2 on Overstreet’s Top 100 Golden Age Comics list, far ahead of #3. Co-creator Bob Kane provided the cover and contributed story art, as did Joe Shuster and Fred Guardineer. CHECK IT OUT!

-COMICLINK FEATURING SELECT KEYS IN SESSION 1B AUCTION – ComicLink’s latest auction features several notable comics, including the 2nd-highest-graded copy of Fantastic Four #48 at a 9.6 grade (currently $21,250,) a 6.5 Tales of Suspense #39 ($15,450,) and a 9.2 Avengers #4 currently at $15,000. Check out all the auction pieces HERE!

lf-15-e1624322051970-192x300 Auctions & News 6/22: Phantom Lady #17 Auctions for $456,000-SNAKE-EYES SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURE BRINGS OVER $14K AT AUCTION – All those 1980s cartoons from your childhoods are back, and it has put a premium on your old toys. Just this week, a series-one nine-back, straight-arm Snake-Eyes action figure sold for a whopping $14,400. Much of this comes from the hype from the upcoming Snake-Eyes movie, which has put a premium on all things G.I. Joe, from the toys to the early comics. This is the very first version of the toy, released earlier than the previous 11-back Snake-Eyes that sold in April for $26,400. CHECK IT OUT!

-THE $26,400 TY COBB GREEN PORTRAIT BASEBALL CARD – This was just one of four Ty Cobb baseball cards sold in an impressive auction that closed last week. At the top of the list was the “Green Portrait” card that brought over $26k, but two others also broke the $20k mark themselves, as well as one that sold for $19,800. The auction also featured a Cy Young card, which earned over $10k. READ MORE.

Take a Look:

-CGC OFFERS TRADING CARDS ACADEMY – CGC Trading Cards has announced the CGC Trading Cards Academy, a first-of-its-kind event in the trading card certification industry. This seminar is an opportunity to learn card grading from CGC Trading Cards’ experts, test your knowledge, win cash prizes, submit cards, and more. Plus, you’ll have a chance to receive a job offer from CGC Trading Cards. Space is limited, so apply today. READ MORE.

LEE_WILLIAMS_SINCLAIR__EMAIL3-220210618115240566-300x192 Auctions & News 6/22: Phantom Lady #17 Auctions for $456,000-JIM LEE PRIVATE SIGNING ANNOUNCED – CGC is beyond thrilled to be hosting the multi-talented comic book artist Jim Lee for an exclusive Private Signing event. Lee is a comic book artist, writer, editor, and publisher who currently works as the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics. In recognition of his work, he has received a Harvey Award, Inkpot Award, and three Wizard Fan Awards. The event will also feature Alex Sinclair and Scott Williams.  All submissions must be received by CGC no later than Friday, July 30, 2021, to qualify for this private signing event. READ MORE.

CGC OFFERING JOSH BROLIN PRIVATE SIGNING – CGC has announced an exclusive Private Signing with Academy Award-nominated actor, Josh Brolin. He is well known as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also for his role as Cable in Deadpool 2. As Thanos, he made cameo appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron. All submissions must be received by CGC no later than Friday, July 16, 2021, to qualify for this private signing event. READ MORE.

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