AUCTION RESULTS! ComicConnect’s Event Auction 53 Results Are In!

by Sarah Thomas

032123C-1024x536 AUCTION RESULTS! ComicConnect's Event Auction 53 Results Are In!Event Auction 53 is officially over! Last week, ComicConnect sold thousands of comic books, pieces of original artwork, graded video games, graded video tapes, pulps, and memorabilia items. The entire team at ComicConnect thanks all the fans, consignors, bidders, collectors, and winners from around the world who made this auction possible. Here’s a look at the top sellers!

*Press release courtesy of ComicConnect.

cap1.2368-5-182x300 AUCTION RESULTS! ComicConnect's Event Auction 53 Results Are In!

The auction was filled with some spectacular Golden Age keys, which continually prove themselves as some of the biggest and most valuable items in the hobby. The top-earning item was a copy of Captain America Comics #1, graded 7.0 by CGC, which sold for $300,150.00.

Next was one of the most beloved Golden Age keys of them all, Batman #1, graded 2.5 by CGC, which sold for $215,000.00.

Finally, rounding out the top three titles was an incredibly topical key, a CGC-graded 5.5 copy of Whiz Comics #2 (#1), featuring the debut appearance of Captain Marvel, AKA Shazam, which sold for $188,600.00.

fan1.24633_2-2-188x300 AUCTION RESULTS! ComicConnect's Event Auction 53 Results Are In!

While the Golden Age dominated our top three, many Silver Age keys performed exceptionally well. Most notably, a CBCS-graded 9.4 copy of Fantastic Four #5, the first appearance of Doctor Doom, sold for an astounding in-grade record price of $126,500.00.

Additionally, a CGC-graded 9.6 copy of Tales to Astonish #44 sold for $56,477.65, an all-time high for any grade of this title.

nin28.1_2-5-241x300 AUCTION RESULTS! ComicConnect's Event Auction 53 Results Are In!

Outside of comics, one of the most talked about categories of this Event Auction was graded video games, thanks in no small part to the once-in-a-lifetime 1990 Nintendo World Championship collection from Nicholas Membrez-Weiler.

Multiple pieces from this collection achieved noteworthy sales, including the event-used Grey cartridge ($57,500.00), Seattle 11 & Under Semi-Finals Cup ($8,165.00), and the 11 and Under Seattle “Tombstone” ($5,980).00.

gia9.77_2-3-200x300 AUCTION RESULTS! ComicConnect's Event Auction 53 Results Are In!

Furthermore, the original art market had another strong showing, with multiple remarkable sales. Headlining pieces include the cover for Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up #2 by Gil Kane ($64,400.00), the cover for Marvel Team-Up #61 by Al Milgrom ($40,250.00), and an interior page by Todd McFarlane from Amazing Spider-Man #311 ($38,525.00).

If you won any of the items in our auction, please know that we offer cash advances in exchange for consignments. We are already building up our next Event Auction, and we would love to feature your items alongside our amazing line-up, which includes some of the world’s most valuable collectibles! Please reach out to Rob Reynolds, Director of Consignments, at to discuss participating.

To view the complete Event Auction 53 results, click here!

Upgrade2_Footer AUCTION RESULTS! ComicConnect's Event Auction 53 Results Are In!*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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