Atlas Comics One Year Update!

by Mike W

atlas-300x63 Atlas Comics One Year Update!Not sure if everyone remembers, but Atlas Comics was hot around this time last year. This was due to Paramount Pictures acquiring the rights from them to make movies. Think of Paramount trying to make a superhero universe with this comic brand. When this news came out, people started searching their long boxes and going to their local comic shops trying to find the books in dollar bins. The hype was contagious as Atlas Comics were flying out of eBay like crazy. So, now a year later, is there any movement with the values of these books?


Atlas Comics

Well, I searched the internet and tried my best to see if any current news on any upcoming movies. I came up dry like the Sahara desert. It appears the only news would be the same news that was released last year in May. There is no current news on any upcoming movies for any of Atlas Comics characters. Though, being in a pandemic clearly makes things harder for everyone. For production companies like Paramount, people are wondering if they made the right choice in acquiring the rights to Atlas Comics. I hope there are movies in the works and are not stuck in production hell.

Morlock #1:

Morlock #1more-193x300 Atlas Comics One Year Update! is the issue that includes a character that resembles DC’s Swamp Thing and Marvel’s Man-Thing. I am sure raw sales are slowing down as well, but graded sales are empty. There are no sales in 2020 and the last sale for a 9.8-grade copy was on 12/30/2019 for $53.90. Funny enough, prior to 2019, the comic was actually selling over $100 for the same grade. So it appears the news has not helped the value of the book.








Iron Jaw #1:

conan-196x300 Atlas Comics One Year Update!Iron Jaw from Atlas Comics resembles Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian.  All the 9.8 graded sales were done in the month when the news broke out last year. The price was averaging $135 for that grade with four completed sales in 2019. It appears people are not letting go of this book and possibly holding onto it if movie news comes out. Iron Jaw #1 is the book to grab for this character.







Fright #1:

Fright #1sonnenen-194x300 Atlas Comics One Year Update! is another key book for Atlas Comics. It features the son of Dracula. There are no 9.8 graded sales for this issue and very scarce in the other high grades. In the 9.6 grade, it is showing a positive trend and recorded its highest sold price of $99.99 on 01/03/2020.








Hands of the Dragon #1:

Hands of the Dragon #1bruce-196x300 Atlas Comics One Year Update! is very similar to what Marvel is planning with Shang Chi. Though, it appears Marvel has the leg up in starting their kung fu universe. This issue has very scarce graded sales, with the last sale for 9.6 graded copy in December 2016. I cannot confirm what is attributing to the rarity in the sales, but people not sending these books to get graded could be a factor.







Phoenix #1:

iron-man-195x300 Atlas Comics One Year Update!The Phoenix character in Atlas Comics closely resembles Marvel’s Iron Man. So it appears collectors feel this would be the character to jumpstart the Atlas movie universe. This comic has the most sales out of the books I have mentioned. Phoenix #1 is the clear book, especially in all high grades and its most recent sale of a 9.6 grade completed this month. The sales price for the 9.8 graded fluctuated so much selling as low as $52 and as high as $175 since the news broke out.







To close, I do not have access to raw sales for the key character books for Atlas Comics, but I would think the movement is steady. The speculation is there, though, with no movie news of Paramount, sales could get stagnant in the coming months. The potential for their movie universe is there, but the feeling of superhero fatigue could play a part once they get in the game. Only time will tell if they can compete with comic juggernauts DC Comics and Marvel.


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FRANK Alfred SIMASKO August 14, 2020 - 10:13 am

I have been watching and checking pretty much every month since the big ATLAS movie deal came out ……… pretty much silent !! …. I am really hoping to see something …..ANYTHING positive ……….. its got a ton of potential ……..


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