Aspen Comics’ CHARISMAGIC returns with third volume

by Jeff

DEC171144 Aspen Comics' CHARISMAGIC returns with third volumeMedia Release — Aspen Comics’ popular action-adventure series Charismagic returns today, February 14th, for its third volume as part of the publisher’s 15-Year Anniversary initiative to bring back classic Aspen titles. Charismagic creator and writer, Vince Hernandez, discusses the return:

Here at Aspen for our fifteen year anniversary celebration, we wanted to focus intently on our popular series that really resonated with fans. Charismagic definitely fits the bill, as it’s been one of our fan-favorite series since its debut in 2011. But now, with the new art team of Joey Vazquez and Federico Blee, we’re excited to usher the world of Charismagic into the future for a new generation of fans. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The return of Charismagic for Volume 3 also coincides with the release of a Charismagic Primer 25-Cent issue that serves to catch up readers on the series, and offers key moments for readers to know in anticipation of the new volume. As well, Aspen is releasing Charismagic Volume 2: The Golden Realm trade paperback February 14th in addition to Charismagic (Volume 3) #1 and the Charismagic Primer.

Charismagic (Volume 3) #1 features two direct edition covers by Harvey Tolibao and Khary Randolph, with a Retailer Incentive cover by Romina Moranelli. Aspen is also offering a special Charismagic #1 Dan Mendoza Valentine’s Day 2018 exclusive cover limited to 214 copies, and a Charismagic #1 Convention exclusive cover by Tyler Kirkham and Wes Hartman that will only be available at this weekend’s Planet Comicon and Long Beach Comic Expo, with limited quantities made available on The official solicitation copy for Charismagic Volume 3 #1 reads:

The forces of magic have returned—and this time no magical being is safe! Aspen’s magical action-adventure series returns for its epic third volume! Las Vegas magician Hank Medley and his talking cat Sparkles attempt to put the pieces of their life back together, as society has taken a hardline approach to magic and its destructive results. Meanwhile, Sudana uncovers a more sinister plot brewing in the confines of a secret Government’s facility in the Nevada desert, as a new form of magic is taking shape that will not only spell the end for mankind—but also magical beings everywhere! The age of the Magic Harvester has arrived!

Aspen has provided the following item codes to order the Charismagic PRIMER, Charismagic Vol.3 #1, and both Charismagic Vol.1 and 2 TPBs with your local retailer.

CHARISMAGIC Vol.3 #1a cover – Harvey Tolibao DEC171144
CHARISMAGIC Vol.3 #1b cover – Khary Randolph DEC171145
CHARISMAGIC Vol.3 #1c cover – Romina Morinelli DEC171146
CHARISMAGIC Vol.1 TPB : The Vanishing MAR130847
CHARISMAGIC Vol.2 TPB : The Golden Realm DEC171142

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Aspen Comics is an entertainment publishing company founded in 2003 by the late superstar comic book artist, Michael Turner. In addition to producing their own line of hit titles including Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant: Iris, Lola XOXO and many more, Aspen has joined forces with some of the industry’s most notable companies on their best-selling titles. Aspen has collaborated with Marvel, DC Comics, NBC, Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment, Axe Body Spray, American Express and more. In 2018, Aspen Comics is celebrating their fifteen-year anniversary, with the release of several new and returning titles.

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