Artist Haibo Wang Forced To Leave China

by Jeff

The Epoch Times has published a story detailing how Nine Commentaries and Turn the Devils Into the Guards of God artist Haibo Wang was forced to leave China.

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NEW YORK—Haibo Wang, a renowned Chinese cartoon artist, was compelled to leave China to New Jersey, U.S. prior to the Beijing Olympics; in fear that he would be arrested by the Communist police for his artistic expressions.
Despite his fame in the international community, Wang was persecuted under the Chinese Communist regime. Since Wang published illustrations with Guo for the award-winning Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party using the alias “Sacred Fruit,” his life in China became a disaster in the face of threats.
In July 2008, Wang and Guo were invited to the San Diego Comic-Con International to exhibit their cartoons. They left their homes in a hurry bearing some of the over 100 publications by Flag Cartoon.
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