Around The World: Collecting Daft Punk Concert Posters

by Daniel Paiz
daft punk

daft-punk-3-205x300 Around The World: Collecting Daft Punk Concert PostersTraveling around the world is tough right now. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be hard to collect Daft Punk concert posters. The French electronic duo has created catchy tunes that have caught the ears of multiple generations. Unfortunately, their shows have not been as easy to catch. Fear not, for checking all over the place should bring us a couple of gems the duo would be proud of.


A rocky start for Daft Punk

The duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter started in the rock world, with a somewhat less than appealing result. One album and the duo decided to try out a different kind of sound. A sound that experimented with synthesizers and drum machines. This experimentation resulted in an electronic music debut known as the album Homework, released in 1997. As the success grew and grew, sadly the amount of touring did not.

The best time to have been a Daft Punk fan was at the start of everything. The duo traveled around numerous countries on their 1997 Daftendirektour tour; Europe, Canada and the United States were the primary stopping points on the Jan. 1997-Dec. 1997 run. Not surprisingly their first tour was extensive, and the group didn’t tour again for another decade. It’s hard to imagine just how in demand these two were. The Alive 2006/2007 tour showed how global the duo really became. A show in France like this one would’ve been quite a sight to experience:

daft-punk-poster-2-207x300 Around The World: Collecting Daft Punk Concert Posters

The aesthetics reflect not only the late 2000s but the kind of computer design capabilities one might remember from then. The problem with this poster? From what my research is indicating, a November 19, 2007 Paris, France Daft Punk show did not take place. At this point in the tour, these two were in between their Mexico and Japan stops. It is entirely possible that they made a pit stop in France as the Mexico and Japan dates are nearly a month part; that’s for you to decide. If interested, this is a fairly accessible at roughly $125 USD on eBay. I’m still on the fence about this show, but it is a very reflective of the times poster I’d enjoy having.

US posters aren’t as hard to find as first thought

This isn’t to say that there’s an abundance of US shows to find concert posters for. It kind of seems like the duo wasn’t as interested in playing the states as other artists. But, another poster from the 2006-2007 tour can in fact be verified. In one of the handful of US shows, this Seattle 2007 poster appears to be very obtainable:

daft-punk-poster-1 Around The World: Collecting Daft Punk Concert Posters

The only conflicting thing I’ve come across for this poster is the cost. It’s been listed for both around $20 and closer to $150; the former is the main price I keep seeing in multiple listings. This original poster is intriguing because it really isn’t reflecting the band at all. Rather, these two can send you on a musical journey that might lead you to see any and all kinds of images.

One more poster that might be intriguing to find would be one from their most recent album, Random Access Memories. There was no tour, and it doesn’t seem like they played any festivals or other big shows. Take note that if you find one, hold onto it; it’s likely something we might not see again.


daft-punk-poster-4-225x300 Around The World: Collecting Daft Punk Concert Posters

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