Arks on Kickstarter – Issue #3 Debuts Gorgeous Art

by Sarah Lee
030722F-1024x536 Arks on Kickstarter - Issue #3 Debuts Gorgeous Art Sometimes you find an indie book on Kickstarter that just grabs your attention. It’s got a new, fresh story, compelling characters, and a plot you can’t put down. So it is with ArksThe fine folks over at Arks were thrilled to fully fund their third installment in just three hours. They’re continuing to push to achieve their goal of 300 backers, which means more sneak peeks for us!

Have you heard about a comic called Arks? It’s about a young couple, lost, naked, and starving in the woods, who have a terrible decision to make: burn to death or drown in the oxygen.  It’s brought a spotlight to this ‘new’ genre – science faction;  “actual scientific discoveries or inventions that are so hard to believe as to be commonly mistaken for science fiction’ according to Urban Dictionary’s definition.

The series is planned to last 6 issues – and number three has been a real winner.

Arks Issue Three = ALL the Threes Arks_Issue2_ArtOf_Page3_Vs2-e1646768559417-229x300 Arks on Kickstarter - Issue #3 Debuts Gorgeous Art

Sometimes three is the lucky number. The following text is from the team at Arks.
“We were fully funded in under 3 hours! We’ve just released 3 new stretch goals and we’d love to get to 300 backers! Not asking for much are we?
 One of the great joys of adapting a screenplay into a comic book is that in the script it mentions that Joe and Lilith are naked twice, and in simple comic terms that equates to nearly 100 pages of pure nudity! This comes with its own challenges for us as the creators, also for our characters.

Enter: Syn Suits

But in Issue Three of Arks, Lilith and Joe don their comic book garb, or rather their Syn Suits – SYNTHETIC MACHINE ACTIVITY SUIT which is not just for their modesty; it’s a garment worn to keep a human terranaut alive in a hostile terrestrial environment.
Unlike traditional survival clothing that provides protection from extremes of climate and ultraviolet radiation, the SYN SUIT is what is known as a biogarment.
It is clothing that is literally ‘alive’ with millions of photosynthetic cells that convert carbon dioxide, oxygen, and light into energy for the synthetic machines, or xenobots, that inhabit the wadding inside the garment. Pretty cool. Above, you can feast your eyes on the syn suit and the xenobots in more detail with the stunning character design work from the great A Morris and syn suit tech from R J Collins. Arks_Issue3_Page-10_Vs4_NoText-199x300 Arks on Kickstarter - Issue #3 Debuts Gorgeous Art

Syn Suits in Action

Also, check out this page from Issue Three, with the syn suits in action in the Cradle. Joe and Lilith must leave the safety of the Cradle in search of an intact stomach from one of the dead transplants that hunted them across the bioficial forest.
With it, they could make a parthian battery, an ancient tool to create an electrical current that could unlock the secrets of the Cradle – but some secrets are better off not being discovered.”

Want to check out Arks?

Visit their site to access already-released issues. Issues 1 & 2 are available for purchase, and you can get a look at some of this beautiful art.

If you’re interested in supporting an indie team with a cool book, be sure to check it out HERE or visit their website for more info about the series. You can follow Arks on Instagram (@clickysproutwife) and Twitter (@ClickyW), where you can keep up to date with new issues and any other updates.
The next funding goal unlocks an extra page added to the comic – fingers crossed!

What’s your favorite indie series? Let us know in the comments!

012822A2-1 Arks on Kickstarter - Issue #3 Debuts Gorgeous Art
*This blog is not sponsored by Arks. We just love what they do and enjoy supporting artists where possible. Check it out.

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Dave March 9, 2022 - 7:41 am

So cool! Gonna check this out.

Bret Harris March 10, 2022 - 10:21 am

Definitely worth supporting, thanks for finding this for us.


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