Arks Kickstarter Closing 4/1/22

by Sarah Lee
022922C-1024x536 Arks Kickstarter Closing 4/1/22The Arks Kickstarter is coming to its close on 4/1/22, and they are pushing to unlock their next stretch goal, which is more than in reach. Have you read the series? Here are a few behind-the-scenes details, written by the creators themselves.

“At writing, we have two days left on the campaign and are only 60 backers away from hitting 500 and unlocking our next stretch goal. Which is incredible!
Every physical backer will receive a signed art print of the Sabbath cover and all digital rewards will be upgraded to include all the stretch goals appendix pages if we hit it!  ARKS_3D_CC_Is3_SE_A5_ArtPrint-e1648573072962-300x284 Arks Kickstarter Closing 4/1/22

Tethered Artificially Intelligent Limb

The art appendix pages delve deeper into the science behind Arks.
The latest one looks at Lilith and Joseph’s robot assistants, or T.A.I.Ls (Tethered Artificially Intelligent Limbs), named Hopi and Nagal in the story.
They are sentient robots built by bacteria in boiling water, with compounds sourced from ‘precompiles’, seeds hidden inside a fruit that looks like a fig. Hence them being known as the ‘Boil in the Bath A.I.s’!
The T.A.I.L is so cool that we have already added three extra pages about them to the Special Edition, and are hoping to do so for the digital version if we hit that final goal. Arks_Issue3_Appendix_Page1-1-199x300 Arks Kickstarter Closing 4/1/22
You can read a bit more about these amazing A.I’s below;
The Tethered Artificially Intelligent Limb, or T.A.I.L, was one of the most popular ‘companion’ A.I’s of the intelligence explosion, a revolutionary period of time from 2060 to late 2080s, when humankind, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, reached the ‘singularity’; a point in which computing and technological growth became exponential.
During this time, the world faced unprecedented social change. By its end, nearly 90% of the world’s labour market had become obsolete. To avoid global economic collapse, most countries adopted some variant of the companion system.
Each citizen was allowed to have one A.I. companion. This A.I. companion could then be ‘leased’ back to the government or private enterprise to receive a salary. Being suitable for almost any kind of work, the T.A.I.L quickly became one of the most popular A.I. companions on the market. The surreal consequence of this was a world suddenly filled with robotic snakes.
ARKS_Issue1_Thumbnail_Vs2-300x169 Arks Kickstarter Closing 4/1/22

Want to help Arks reach their goal?

GoCollect has been following Arks‘ journey since the beginning. We believe in their art and storytelling and genuinely hope to see them achieve each goal they set for themselves.

If you’re interested in supporting an indie team with a cool book, be sure to check it out HERE for more info about the series.
You can follow Arks on Instagram (@clickysproutwife) and Twitter (@ClickyW), where you can keep up to date with new issues and any other updates.
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*This blog is not sponsored by Arks, nor is GoCollect an Arks investor – We like their work and want to lend a hand where we can.

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