Are we Hitting a Transformers Boom?

by Mike W

Transformers-Boom-300x157 Are we Hitting a Transformers Boom?The Transformers franchise has been a worldwide success overall. It started gaining popularity with the animated television series that lasted multiple seasons. Even the original comic series, Transformers, which started publication in 1984, had a planned run of four issues but exploded due to popularity. All in all, the series ended up capping at 80 issues. Lastly, live-action movies have generated billions of dollars at the box office. It appears the franchise has plans for many movies and shows going forward. Below are key issues that people should be on the lookout for going forward.

Transformers #1

Transformers #1opti-196x300 Are we Hitting a Transformers Boom? is the book that collectors and fans adore. It is the first team appearance of the Transformers (Autobots) and Decepticons. It details the first appearances of character favorites Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Starscream. Th

e issue comes in different printings. It is also available in a $1.00 Canadian price variant, second printing, and third printing. These are noted in the interior copyright notes toward the bottom of the first page. The popularity of the previous animated tv shows and live-action movies are the main sources for the rise in the price of the issue. The current Fair Market Value (FMV) of a 9.8 graded copy is selling for $1,400.

I honestly believe that the value of this issue can go up much higher. Its value is dependent on the upcoming future of the movie franchise. The brand has a loyal fan base and is hoping that it expands to a more broad character lineup. It is not too late to get in and try to grab a copy. Though, since this issue is not that expensive, I highly recommend grabbing the highest grade possible.

Transformers #4

dino-200x300 Are we Hitting a Transformers Boom?Another key comic issue to pick up is Transformers #4. This issue depicts the first appearance of Shockwave and a cameo appearance of the Dinobots. Shockwave is a prominent member of the Decepticons and known as the chief lead scientist. He is a notable member of the Decepticons and responsible for many scientific ventures. These ventures include the Space Bridges, resurrection of the Predacons, and the Dinobots. Dinobots are Autobots that have transformed into the image of a dinosaur. The transformation is due to the Transformers discovering dinosaur fossils and building robots based on what they found. Dinobots would be featured in the animated television show, and as well in the comics.

The value of this issue is very cheap. Much of the focus is currently on the original number one issue. The FMV of a 9.8 graded copy is selling for $95. That seems like a great value for an issue that delivers two first appearances of prominent characters.


The movie franchise still has plans going forward. There is a rumor that the next movie title would be called Transformers: Beast Alliance. The belief is that the plot for this movie would come from the popular animated Beast Wars show from the 1990s. The show revolves around the Transformers and Decepticons crashing on a planet like Earth. Certain events force the characters to take on a beast form to shield themselves from the radiation of the planet.

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