Ardden Entertainment presents new FLASH GORDON series

by Jeff

flashgordoninvasion1 Ardden Entertainment presents new FLASH GORDON seriesflashgordoninvasion2 Ardden Entertainment presents new FLASH GORDON seriesMedia Release — Ardden Entertainment is proud to present the first two covers from FLASH GORDON: INVASION OF THE RED SWORD #1 and to announce the hiring of Eduardo Garcia as the new artist for the next three FLASH GORDON story arcs.

Eduardo began his career as a magazine illustrator before Marvel Comics asked him to draw Spider-Man in 2007 after he signed with Space Goat Productions. His pencils have graced the pages of such projects as Spider-Man Family, Speed Racer: The Next Generation, Kade, Grimm Fairy Tales, Arabian Nights: Sinbad, and Last Reign. He comments, “I’m always eager to take on new career challenges and I’m excited about this opportunity to work on FLASH GORDON with Ardden.”

FLASH GORDON: INVASION OF THE RED SWORD chronicles the events directly after Ardden Entertainment’s critically-acclaimed mini-series FLASH GORDON: THE MERCY WARS (called “good, old-fashioned fun, freshly polished” by Publishers Weekly) and the star-studded anthology FLASH GORDON: THE SECRET HISTORY OF MONGO. After the apparent demise of Ming the “Merciful,” Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov continue their attempts to return to Earth. Meanwhile, Prince Barin, King Thun and Prince Vultan are hard at work trying to create a peaceful new environment on Mongo. However, when a mysterious group of Earth soldiers violently invade the planet, our heroes are separated and must band together once again to save the lives of every race on Mongo.

FLASH GORDON: INVASION OF THE RED SWORD will segue into the next two six-issue arcs by writer Brendan Deneen and new artist Eduardo Garcia: THE VENGEANCE OF MING and KING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. Each arc promises bigger action and more characters and situations drawn directly from Alex Raymond’s groundbreaking original comic strips, but updated for a 21st century audience.

Ardden Entertainment LLC is also the publisher of the critically-acclaimed series CASPER AND THE SPECTRALS (“Buy Casper and the Spectrals and I guarantee you will enjoy it,” says Aint It Cool News). The company—whose business model is to produce contemporized versions of classic licenses and exciting new creator-owned titles—was formed in 2007 by former Miramax/Dimension Films executive Brendan Deneen and former Markosia Comics Editor-in-Chief, Richard Emms. Joining Deneen and Emms is veteran comic book creator and writer, J.M. DeMatteis, who works as Ardden’s Editor-in-Chief.

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