Archie’s SONIC delivers cold clashes and fiery adventure

by Jeff

may100765 Archie's SONIC delivers cold clashes and fiery adventureMedia Release — Archie Comics—home to the longest running video game comic ever, Sonic the Hedgehog—heats up July with the continuation of the fiery “Tails Adventure” in Sonic Universe #18, the latest installment of the hit digitally remastered graphic novel series, Sonic Archives Vol. 13, and a chilling “Cold Hard Clash” in Sonic the Hedgehog #215! Plus, the first ever “Tails” fan art competition is under way and artistic fans across the globe are soaring to new heights!

The month’s red hot thrills begin on July 14th with Part 2 of the four-part “Tails Adventure: Trouble in Paradise” in Sonic Universe #18! The freedom fighters’ vacation is turned upside-down when they run into the berserk Battle Bird Armada! Can Sonic’s best bud Tails rise to the occasion and save the day?

While readers find “Trouble in Paradise,” Tails has raised the stakes with his very own fan art competition to coincide with the four-part Tails Adventure series appearing in Sonic Universe #17-20. Archie Comics is calling all artists to send in their most exciting, creative or downright laugh-out-loud drawings of Tails by August 20th to win way-past-cool Sonic prizes! Official details can be found at

“We’ve already received tons of amazing fan art involving Tails since the first announcement in Sonic Universe #17! It’s really great to see how excited and involved the fans become when we set up a competition or a challenge,” remarked Sonic Editor and Tails enthusiast Paul Kaminski. “Who are you callin’ a sidekick?!”

Also this month, the hit Sonic Archives graphic novel series returns with Vol. 13! Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik battle to the bitter end in the epic finale to the original “Endgame” series! The remastered graphic novel hitting shelves July 21st is the first in the series to contain bonus material from the Sonic Super Special series.

July chills out as Sonic’s latest journey begins on the 28th with super cool adventure as Silver the Hedgehog squares off against… Iron Rotor?! The two-part arctic stand-off starts this month in Sonic the Hedgehog #215 and concludes in August with Sonic the Hedgehog #216.

Sonic Universe #18 is available in comic shops July 14th and everywhere July 27th.

Sonic Archives Vol. 13 is available everywhere July 21th.

Sonic the Hedgehog #215 is in comic shops July 28th and everywhere August 10th

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