Archie Comics announces launch of LIFE WITH ARCHIE

by Jeff

life_w_archie_sept2010_600x806 Archie Comics announces launch of LIFE WITH ARCHIEMedia Release — This July, Archie Comics—publisher of the world-famous Archie wedding arc, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, and Stan Lee Comics—will release “ARCHIE LOVES BETTY” and “ARCHIE LOVES VERONICA” as two separate ongoing series side by side in one magazine titled LIFE WITH ARCHIE—The Married Life.

Due to the vast amount of positive responses to the two new titles, “Archie Loves Betty” and “Archie Loves Veronica”—previously announced for release in standard comic book format—are being brought together into a more widely available format. The more mainstream platform of a magazine will enable greater accessibility of the already hugely popular ongoing series to a growing number of fans all over the world.

The larger format of the magazine will allow room for more vivid artwork and a more accurate reproduction of that art with higher quality paper and printing. The magazine format, to be titled LIFE WITH ARCHIE, is guaranteed to be the perfect package for this exceptional and pivotal series from Archie Comics!

Each series covers the detailed legacy of what might transpire in Archie’s most passionately debated futures: one married to the haughty debutante, Veronica Lodge, in “Archie Loves Veronica” and the other married to the compassionate girl-next-door, Betty Cooper, in “Archie Loves Betty.” Each issue of LIFE WITH ARCHIE also includes extras such as the premier issue’s exclusive interview revealing select secrets from Archie headquarters!

“The feedback from the press release announcing ‘Archie Loves Betty’ and ‘Archie Loves Veronica’ was so spectacular we were immediately charged with the task of finding a way to make sure everyone would be able to get to it,” reflects Archie Co-CEO, Jon Goldwater. “A magazine can be found anywhere!”

In addition to STAN LEE’S SUPER SEVEN, Archie comics on iTunes, Archie’s Red Circle superheroes at DC, and partnerships with Random House, IDW, and Dark Horse—the new magazine LIFE WITH ARCHIE is one more way Archie Comics has taken action to make Archie comics available to an entirely new world of Archie fans!

LIFE WITH ARCHIE will be available August 2010. Cover price will be $3.99 US and $4.49 CAN.

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