Aquaman Key Issues

by Matt Tuck

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The Justice League movie may have created a divisive fan base, but Aquaman is still on track for its 2018 release, and you’ll want to start piecing together your Aquaman keys as the excitement builds.

For a character that’s been around since 1941, it’s been a long time coming for Aquaman to make his big screen debut. Of course, we said the same thing about Wonder Woman before her movie premiered this past summer. Still, Aquaman has been the source of ridicule and puns for decades. After Jason Momoa’s portrayal brought a toughness to the character in Justice League, he was one of the standouts of the film and has bumped his popularity.

So next year when we get the Aquaman solo movie, you will need to know which keys to be on the hunt for.


Wouldn’t we all like to own the first appearance of Aquaman?

If you happen to have the extra money, you can have it…for somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000. In fact, the last reported sale (according to GPAnalysis for Comics) was for a 2.5 that sold for $19,120 this month. No doubt that sale can be at least partially credited to the newfound interest in Aquaman thanks to the DC Extended Universe.

For those of us who can’t drop five figures on a comic, you can always look for…


In the pages of this 1966 issue, fans met Arthur Curry’s half-brother, Orm. Originally, he was written as being completely human. A petty criminal, Orm was jealous of his brother’s fame and heroic deeds, so he became a high-tech pirate who called himself Oceanmaster. In later incarnations, both in animated and comic forms, Orm is rewritten as being an Atlantean, but the core trait of him as the envious brother who covets the throne of Atlantis remained.

You’ll want Aquaman #29 because Oceanmaster will be the featured antagonist in the solo movie. So far, there hasn’t been a jump in interest for this particular issue, but I predict that will change by next summer. If the movie is as well-received as the Wonder Woman movie, then Aquaman #29 could very well blossom in a big way.

Considering the age of the comic, you’re not likely to find any near mint copies. If you do, be ready to pay a high price; in September, a CGC 9.2 brought $975. The more realistic low-to-mid-grade copies typically sell for anywhere from $120 to $275. Compared to the $19,000 for More Fun Comics #73, this is a bargain.


When it comes to Aquaman keys, you have to keep in mind that he is a very old character. Like most of the core DC lineup, he was conceived in the golden age when the creation of Superman started the costumed superhero craze, and DC Comics was the innovator at the time. What that means is that most of the keys are very old and very expensive.

Where the price drops a bit is when the characters were reintroduced in the silver age. Such is the case with Adventure Comics #260. While Arthur Curry still remained in the same costume and the origin was similar, this is regarded as his first appearance in the silver age. There is some debate on that issue because Aquaman was one of DC’s golden age characters that stayed in print continuously through the golden age and into the silver age, albeit mostly in backup stories during that time.

If you want one for your own collection, a mid-grade copy averages from $200-$600.

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