Ape Entertainment September 2010 Solicitations

by Jeff

JUL100754 Ape Entertainment September 2010 SolicitationsThe kind folks at Ape Entertainment have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the July 2010 Previews, scheduled to ship starting September 2010.


(W) David Server, Jackson Lanzing (A) Antonio Campo Traveling in a Rico-made flying machine that has no business being airborne, the penguin posse crash lands in China, some 4000 miles off course. Discovering that their map has been stolen, the gang must hunt down the most dangerous animal on the continent in order to retrieve it and continue their push into Mia’s homeland of Australia.



(W) Jason M. Burns (A) Rolando Mallada Based on the bestselling iPhone app, Pocket God tells the tale of an indestructible race of people who inhabit a mysterious island and are continuously (and comically) tortured by their mischievous gods. Now, as their limitless lifeclock ticks towards its end, they must leave the relative safety of their own island in order to make amends with their deities!

POCKET GOD #1 JUL10 0755

SCRATCH 9 #2 (OF 4)

(W) Rob M. Worley (A) Jason T. Kruse Scratch has escaped Dr. Schrodinger, but his friends are still in the clutches of the C.R.U.E.L. Corporation. Can even his past incarnations as Bektah (the Pharaoh’s cat) and Ichirou (the Shaolin cat) save them? And what’s this? Not all his other lives are from the past! New paw-sibilities this issue!

SCRATCH 9 2 (OF 4) JUL10 0753

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