Ape Entertainment December 2008 Solicitations

by Jeff

The kind folks at Ape Entertainment have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the October 2008 Previews, scheduled to ship December 2008.

Heresy #4

OCT083820E Ape Entertainment December 2008 Solicitations

Baker’s uneasy alliance with the Centuris is shattered by unthinkable betrayal, but even in it’s hour of triumph, mankind’s legendary enemy falls prey to a traitorous heart. Finally, it is up to the policeman and one who long ago surrendered his humanity, to decide the ultimate fate of the Bloodless.

Scarlet Veronica #3

OCT083821E Ape Entertainment December 2008 Solicitations

When they say high school is HELL, they aren’t kidding! Zombies ATTACK Romero High and Veronica gets to bash some flesh chuckers, but when a blood thirsty BEHEMOTH uses her arm like a chew toy- Veronica takes a class in horror 101!

Subculture The TPB

OCT083822F Ape Entertainment December 2008 Solicitations

At long last, the critically-acclaimed mini-series is collected! Join Jason, Arthur, Noel, and the entire Kingdom Comix gang through life, romance, and innumerable layers of geekdom! This book is packed with extras, including easter egg explanations, new pinups, and the first 24 strips of SubCulture’s continuation as a twice-weekly webcomic!

The Wind Raider

OCT083823E Ape Entertainment December 2008 Solicitations

When you control the wind, you control the future! In a post-apocalyptic wasteland a heroic loner emerges to battle the evil that has expanded across a barren, windswept world dominated by swift land sailors and marauding desert pirates. With art by Spiderman 3 storyboard artist Gabe Hardman, this specially-priced preview issue paves the way for the upcoming Wind Raider mini-series and movie!

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