Any Love for Black Suit Superman?

by James Jou

zack-snyder-black-suit-superman-1199588-e1576412789509-194x300 Any Love for Black Suit Superman?With all the black suit Spider-Man comic book collection show and tells, any love for black suit Superman? Most recently, the suit has managed to find itself at the center of the fan-driven “release the Snyder cut” campaign. Also known as the Recovery Suit, Regeneration Suit, or Solar Suit, a collection centered on Superman’s black suit can be completed for about $200.



151609_ea43cb9771d5c6e6d16e0c75fd500f02c590e1c6-195x300 Any Love for Black Suit Superman?ACTION COMICS #689 (1993)

The first appearance of a black suit occurred in Action Comics #689 when Superman was resurrected by the Regeneration Matrix. There is a bit of debate of whether this is “the” black suit due to its design with white trim and a chest emblem incomplete without the iconic S. Either way, it is certainly the source material for the Justice League (2018) movie; with the suit supposedly serving a similar function in the revival of Superman.

In Action Comics #689, the black-suited Superman’s activities are limited to him staying in the Fortress of Solitude while he watches over the various superheroes (Last Son of Krypton, Superboy, Supergirl, and Steel) fight over who gets to take up the Superman name. Ironically, their rivalries with each other cause more problems than the name they’re trying to live up to.

With the black suit appearance in Action Comics #689, sales for the book are surprisingly low in volume. The market value is also low; the latest CGC 9.8 copy sold for $65 in early 2019.



151914_440e9c8022a9cbd3f968d4a60f35489b03edde69-196x300 Any Love for Black Suit Superman?SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #25 (1993)

It wasn’t until a few months after Superman’s resurrection that Superman was shown wearing the full black suit, complete with the Kryptonian symbol for hope, in Superman: The Man of Steel #25. In the issue, a giant robot lands on Earth and marches towards Metropolis. All the superheroes attack the robot, believing it to be a threat sent by Mongul and Cyborg Superman. On the final panel, Superman emerges from the robot (which was really a Kryptonian Battlesuit), revealing the black suit in all its glory.bs_sm-194x300 Any Love for Black Suit Superman?

As a one-panel cameo appearance of the complete black suit, the book does add a bit more dilution to the already muddled black suit collection. Fortunately, adding Superman: The Man of Steel #25 to the list isn’t too much strain on the wallet. Compared with the above Action Comics #689, both sales volume and prices are relatively higher, but again, not a very high bar. The market trend for Superman: The Man of Steel #25 has been flat since 2015. The latest CGC 9.8 sold for $85 in early 2019; curiously, the timing of which makes one wonder if it’s the same buyer of the early 2019 CGC 9.8 of Action Comics #689. At least one other black suit Superman fan in the world.



173848_eb865070dfbc0bfb5bb1943ddde824f133a48935-196x300 Any Love for Black Suit Superman?SUPERMAN #81 (1993)

To round out any loose ends in a Superman black suit collection is the first full appearance of the full black suit in Superman #81. So many caveats, but might as well be thorough. Released shortly after Superman: The Man of Steel #25, Superman #81 continues the story of Superman emerging from the robot. Outside of the new suit, the fact that Superman is alive is a surprise to the world. This causes the superheroes and even Lois Lane to hesitate in believing it really was Superman.

Of the books featured in this article, Superman #81 carries the lowest market value. A CGC 9.8 currently has an FMV of $50. Any large movements in the market value are unlikely, but the book definitely helps complete the black suit collection. The two latest 9.8s sold in 2019 have been above $60. Perhaps someone is indeed inspired by the recent black suit Superman/Snyder cut fervor.



“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” – Wednesday Addams




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