Any Given Super Sunday

by Michael Vlachakis

711697_88497ebf6156582d2db86371f4a9bb5ade0e7eaf-194x300 Any Given Super Sunday

Sometimes the relationship is over.  The inevitability was visible for some time but you just stalled and did nothing.  You took the high road and loved it like you were going to keep it, because for all you know, you were.  There is a familiarity that you hate to lose and a comfort that is even more difficult to part with.  Even worse, you may have missed a profitable window or the ultimate deception of all…you bought a dud.  It is time to move on and everyone sees the writing on the wall.  How do you unload?  When do you unload? Do you unload?  Huddle up, take a knee and lets talk about selling comics.

There are many ways to unload a comic when you decide to move on.  You can gift the collection, or give it as an inheritance, you can crack the case and make it an impromptu reader copy, or you can try and sell it (once you sell it, lets face it, you are going to roll it into more comics).  When it comes to selling comics, my preferred vehicle for sales is eBay.  I prefer eBay for a multitude of reasons.  For example: the ease, the quantity of bidders for auctions, the transactional safety, and it seems to be the best channel for my preferred comic types.  I have had mixed results with other sites, but eBay seems to hit the mark.  If you are looking to sell on eBay, I recommend staying away from the bidding “auction-style” type of sell and sticking to the “Buy It Now” format.  Set a comic at a fair price and test the market.  Do your research and make sure you know what you are selling and what price you want.  Bidding auctions are fine if you want a quick sale, but historically I have found that you do not get a great return on value unless you have something truly rare.  Even so, a big football game, or a holiday can removed bidders and not allow your sell to get maximum exposure or value.

Most comic auctions on eBay get listed on Sunday evenings.  If you track auctions, you can see the convoluted mess that occurs pretty much any given Sunday.  If you are selling rarer comics, I suggest avoiding Sunday for multiple reasons.  Although people have time on Sunday to review auctions, there are too many to make your items stand out.  Moving to mid week can give you a competitive advantage and get all eyes on your auction…a break from the crowd, if you must.  Make sure you give an accurate description, photos, and a safe way to ship your comic.  For shipping, I prefer USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes.  They fit a bubble wrapped CGC cased comic with some extra padding almost perfectly.  It also includes tracking and enough insurance to cover the rare case crack (Side note:  I have never had a case I sold arrived cracked, because I wrap safe and ensure proper delivery.  I’ve found if you received a cracked case from a seller, it was most likely cracked when you bought it and the seller knew it.  I use those instances to get a steep discount if I like the book and its only a minor crack).  The best advice I ever received from a collector as I was learning and finding my way was to be happy when you decide to move on and simply move on.

How do you prefer to sell your comics?  Do you like to fish around on Sundays digging through hundreds of auctions?  Does anyone collect NFL SuperPro comics?  Most importantly, who do you got in the Super Bowl?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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