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708166_dd116c342dc31667a9655a1f1ce14e9925e8db7d-1-e1579261519444-150x150 Anti-VenomWhen Martin Li (aka Mr. Negative) cured Eddie Brock of his cancer, it had the unintended consequence of creating one heck of an awesome looking Venom costume. A Mr. Negative-inspired black and white color reversal of the classic Venom design. With limited costume options for Venom, surely Anti-Venom will make an appearance on the silver screen sooner or later. But is it a good time to invest in Anti-Venom? Here we look at the current state of the market for the various prints of Anti-Venom’s 1st appearance book.



318008_86f64d01cc73595262627bd863a50b595aabf886-193x300 Anti-VenomAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #569 (2008)

Despite being released in 2008, sales of graded copies only started showing up about six years later for the main print. Sales prices peaked in early 2018 with a high of $265 and have been on a downward trend ever since. As usual, also with the decline is an increase in the volatility; most recently for example, in Dec 2019 two auctions ended with final prices of $67 and $170.50. In the near-term, the main print of Amazing Spider-Man #569 should be avoided.

708166_dd116c342dc31667a9655a1f1ce14e9925e8db7d-198x300 Anti-VenomHolding a much higher position in the market is the 2nd printing and the Adi Granov variant. As an Anti-Venom focused article, we’ll first take a look at the 2nd printing, which features Anti-Venom prominently on the cover. The FMV of a 2nd printing, CGC 9.8 currently sits at $375. The market offers more price stability than the main print, but unfortunately, it is also participating in the downward move. The market for the 2nd printing also peaked in 2018 with a high of $640 and has been in a freefall ever since. Lower and lower. The most recent 9.8 slab sold at auction for $387 in Nov 2019; a loss of about -40% from the high in a little over a year. The bad news is that it’s not showing any signs of slowing down, and there’s more room to fall.700289_the-amazing-spider-man-569-variant-edition-197x300 Anti-Venom

Of the three Amazing Spider-Man #569 prints, the most ubiquitous one in the market is the Adi Granov variant. Its sales volume is nearly double the combined volumes of the main print and 2nd printing. Unfortunately, there’s too much supply and not enough demand for this print. Its 9.8 FMV of $120 sits as the lowest of the three. Without repeating the same information over again, the market for the Adi Granov variant is behaving similarly to the other prints. The glass half full with this book is that at least with the low market value, the relative magnitude of its loss is much smaller.

When all the prints of a book are falling, it’s as clear of a sign as you’ll ever get to reduce your holdings of the book.



704010_the-amazing-spider-man-570-2nd-printing-198x300 Anti-VenomAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #570 (2ND PRINTING, 2008)

Rounding out the most popular Anti-Venom books in the current market is the 2nd printing of Amazing Spider-Man #570. Sales volume is very low, and the calculated FMV of CGC 9.8 is currently $75. Despite this, CGC 9.8 slabs sell as high as $150 often enough that the overall market trend of the book is oddly better than the above three prints of Amazing Spider-Man #569.

If that’s the case, then you might ask: how is the main print of Amazing Spider-Man #570 doing? Worse. Much worse. With a lower market value and wider sales range, the two latest CGC 9.8s went for $29.01 (auction) and $78.95 (fixed price) within four days of each other in Sept 2019.



“You are the thing that led me into darkness! You’re a poison! A disease! And I- I’m the cure!” – Anti-Venom / Eddie Brock



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