Annihilus is The Perfect Villain for the Fantastic Four

by Robert D'Ottavi

Annihilus-Fantastic-Four-Annual-300x153 Annihilus is The Perfect Villain for the Fantastic FourAs far as Marvel adaptations are concerned, the Fantastic Four have been nothing short of a disaster. Horrible film after horrible film, Marvel’s First Family has not been given the respect and love they really deserve. However, now that Marvel Studios owns the rights to the characters, all that is set to change (God willing). As far as villains are concerned, Doctor Doom (arguably the most famous Fantastic Four villain) has been the focus of all the previous movies, but I believe Annihilus is the perfect villain for the forthcoming reboot.



For those of you unaware, Annihilus lives in the Negative Zone (which actually had its first on-screen appearance in 2015’s Fantastic Four). In the Ultimate comics, the Negative Zone has ties to the origins of the Fantastic Four. However, considering this plot point was worked into the previously mentioned 2015 movie, I can’t see Marvel Studios retreading this. Annihilus as a character represents incredible potential for Marvel Studios and the Fantastic Four franchise. Alternate dimensions and planetary exploration is what these characters are all about, and using Annihilus as the catalyst for an adventure would be marvelous.

Annihilus: The Perfect Villain

Rumors seem to indicate that Marvel Studios are looking at John Krasinski to direct (and likely star as Reed Richards – a perfect casting, mind you) in the Fantastic Four reboot, and considering the director’s experience with terrifying monsters, A Quiet Place, anyone? Annihilus would certainly fit into a darker and more science-fiction focused reboot. Kevin Feige, as evident by his handling of the Spider-Man franchise, does not seem too keen on retreading the past, especially the past of less-successful films.

While fans are desperate to see Doom in the Marvel Universe, I do not think they will find him in the Fantastic Four reboot. A few months back, it was rumored that Doom would mark his MCU debut in none other than Black Panther 2, as the film’s central antagonist. So, if Doom isn’t the villain of this reboot, would Annihilus not make perfect sense?

clean-4-195x300 Annihilus is The Perfect Villain for the Fantastic Four

The character’s first appearance came in 1968’s Fantastic Four Annual #6, which also featured the first appearance of Franklin Richards, son of Susan Storm and Reed Richards. With Doom facing the Black Panther, Annihilus and the Negative Zone could serve a perfect purpose for the Fantastic Four. One of the many criticisms of the Fox films was that the characters spent way too much time on Earth (specifically, in New York). The Fantastic Four are first and foremost, explorers, and this new iteration should celebrate that.

Since the reboot has been announced, prices for Fantastic Four Annual #6 are steadily rising. However, the book is not super expensive at the moment. Earlier this month, an 8.0 copy of the book sold for $525 (USD). On eBay at the moment, a 9.2 copy is selling for $1,900 (USD). For me, I would not spend too much on the book, as comics featuring MCU villains (especially ones that are killed off after their first appearance) do not hold too well. Considering Annihilus is one of the few great Fantastic Four villains not yet tainted by the films under Fox, I say invest now.


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Van Nguyening February 27, 2020 - 12:17 am

Also,don’t forget it’s also Franklin Richards first appearance too. Double trouble


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