Annihilus is Annihilating Old FMVs

by Matt Tuck

FF-Annual-6-204x300 Annihilus is Annihilating Old FMVsDo you have Fantastic Four Annual #6? When you see the insane jump in prices, you’ll wish you did.

Rumors of Annihilus and his insect horde taking on the Avengers have sent FF Annual #6 prices soaring. It started in October when the hot rumor was that Avengers 4 would be titled “Avengers: Annihilation.” While that didn’t turn out to be the case, some fans are still holding onto the idea that the insect Lord of the Negative Zone will be in the new movie, possibly assuming a larger villain role than Thanos himself.

Even though the movie title rumors turned out to be false, another key to the Annihilus speculation lies with the toy line. On an Instagram post, there was the mention of Rocket “guarding the galaxy from an even greater threat” on toy box art. Put that with the old title rumor, and fans were theorizing that this “greater threat” would be none other than Annihilus.

With that speculation comes a considerable boost in the character’s first appearance. Following an overall down year in 2017, these rumors have made this a coveted issue. Out of the 10 different grades sold last year, just three showed gains in fair market value compared to 2016. The most popular grade was the 8.5, which sold 10 copies and averaged just $184 after having an FMV of over $200 the year before. The graded 8.0, which traded hands nine times in 2017, saw its average drop from $235 in ’16 to $142 last year.

Now FF Annual #6 has entered the stratosphere. That 8.5 I mentioned earlier? It grew from its $184 FMV to $539 over the past 12 months. That’s nothing compared to the most recent sales as its 90-day average is an astounding $841. The three most recent sales have been between $775 and $899. The 8.0 is doing equally impressive numbers; its three-month FMV stands at $669, and it hasn’t sold for less than $575 since October.

If you were lucky enough to buy an FF Annual #6 in 2016, then you are poised to get a big return. None have ballooned more in these past two years than the graded 7.0, which has increased seven times since its 2016 values. Two years ago, you could have had your own for an average of $63, and it only went up to $67 last year. This year has been pure insanity. Over the past 12 months, it’s averaged $477, and the 90-day average is $483. In September and October, this grade set a new record when it twice sold for $600. Before that, no one ever paid more than $103.

The lower grades are getting their due as well. The 4.5 is currently selling for over $100 when you could have bought one for just $25 in 2016. A little higher on the ladder is the 5.0. A year ago, it averaged $38, but this year it’s sold for $205.

I’ll leave you with the 9.0. If you had purchased one last year, it would have cost you under $300. Over the past 12 months, it’s jumped to a $711 average, but that’s nothing. The 90-day FMV is $1,050. The last three sales, all of which were in November, were for over $1k, and the most recent set a record high of $1,200.


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