Andrea D Blasts Into Comic Stores This Week

by Jeff

Alex “Superman” Lei, Walter “Witchblade” Geovani and Rob “The Flash” Lean Launch First Creator Owned Project from Praxis Comics.

After numerous pregnant women start disappearing from the streets of her city, ex-special forces operative Andrea D raises an eyebrow. When her cousin Cissi, who’s also expecting a child, goes missing and the police have no answers, Andrea launches her own investigation that leads her to The Boiler, a dark, seedy neighborhood best known for violent crimes, decadence and murder.

“I want everyone to know this comic is a must-have for all fans who enjoy sexy, hard hitting crime stories,” states Praxis Editor in Chief, Trevor Landolt, “brought to life by some of the brightest up and coming talent in the industry.”

andreaD01Lrg Andrea D Blasts Into Comic Stores This WeekandreaD05Lrg Andrea D Blasts Into Comic Stores This Week

“This sexy title encapsulates everything real comic-reading fans want: action, drama, intrigue – and of course a very interesting fictional plot. The stark black & white scenes in The Boiler add an element of raw in-your-face appeal,” says Jeanine Henning, Executive Editor.

Andrea D is a hard boiled, sexy crime story involving action, intrigue and drama. Follow Andrea as her investigation leads her on the trail of something even she may not be prepared for in this three issue, monthly mini series debuting on Wednesday, February 6th, 2008.

The first issue features twenty-two pages of black and white intrigue delivered with no holds barred action, grit and sex appeal. If creator owned crime stories are your thing, then Andrea D is the book for you!

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