And We Thought “Con Crud” Was Bad: Conventions and COVID-19

by Matt Tuck

New-York-Comic-Con-300x200 And We Thought "Con Crud" Was Bad: Conventions and COVID-19Did you have plans to attend a few cons this year? Better check your dates. Here’s the latest on some of the bigger conventions that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Were you ready for con season? I was, and I’m crossing my fingers that things are back on track for summer, but everything is in the air at the moment. Let’s face the fact that there is a real possibility that there will be no con season this year, but never say never.

Though we may be disappointed, it’s for the best that the cons are being placed on hold. It’s irresponsible to have large gatherings during this health crisis, and the number of reported cases of coronavirus grows by the day. Hopefully, this will peak and things will go back to normal before too much longer, but no one knows enough about COVID-19 to say for sure.

Comic-Con-booths-300x169 And We Thought "Con Crud" Was Bad: Conventions and COVID-19The biggest question marks surround the two biggest conventions of the year, namely San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con.

NYCC has time on its side since it’s not slated until October, but SDCC is still on the docket for late July. Will the pandemic be under control by then? Surely the SDCC organizers are working on a contingency plan just in case, but we can all hope that it doesn’t get to that point.

Most conventions are pushing back the dates and hoping that the warmer summer temperatures will help quell the virus. At this point, most cons have been postponed rather than outright cancelled, with the exception of East Coast Comic Con. On the bright side, convention organizers are offering refunds for tickets, but I expect many of us are keeping our passes with the optimism that things will eventually turn around.

Marvel-hand-washing-meme-194x300 And We Thought "Con Crud" Was Bad: Conventions and COVID-19Speaking of optimism, Motor City Comic Con and the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention are scheduled for mid-May. Although I would hope that the country is back to normal by then, I don’t share their positive outlook, but I hope I am wrong.

Below is the initial list of larger conventions and their current status and dates. I took these from the CGC and CBCS events listings from their respective sites, but that doesn’t mean this covers every convention. If I missed a major one, leave me a comment.


Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

May 14-17

Motor City Comic Con

May 15-17

Megacon Orlando

June 4-7

Huntington Comic and Toy Convention

June 6-7


June 13-14

South Carolina Comic Con

July 18-19

Heroes Convention Charlotte

June 19-21

Fan Expo Dallas

June 19-21

Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con

June 26-28

Augusta Toy and Comic Show

June 27-28

Montreal Comic Con

July 3-5

Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo

July 18-19

San Diego Comic-Con

July 23-26

Galaxycon Raleigh

July 30-August 2

Fan Expo Boston

August 7-9

Comic Con Revolution

August 8-9


August 14-16

Wizard World Chicago

August 20-23

Emerald City Comic Con

August 21-23

Fan Expo Canada

August 27-30

LA Comic Con

September 25-27

New York Comic Con

October 8-11

Baltimore Comic Con

October 23-25


Big Apple Comic Con



East Coast Comic Con

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