An MCU Winter Guard? It Could Happen

by Matt Tuck

Is Marvel teasing an MCU Winter Guard? After the first Black Widow trailer, there’s reason to believe the Russian superteam is on the way. Here are the issues to keep your eyes on.

The new Black Widow trailer has the collecting community in a flurry as Red Guardian, Taskmaster, and Iron Maiden are all set to make their live-action debuts. Thinking ahead, it seems that Marvel Studios could be using the movie to set up a new superteam in the MCU: the Winter Guard. That being said, I will be watching these five issues in that event.

Iron-Man-9-1998-195x300 An MCU Winter Guard? It Could HappenIRON MAN #9 (1998)

Although members of the team have been around as far back as the 1960s, (not to mention most were members of the Soviet Super-Soldiers, the People’s Protectorate, and the Supreme Soviets) they weren’t officially put together as the Winter Guard until 1998. Since the Black Widow trailer dropped, Red Guardian is quickly gaining popularity, and that could lead to the MCU formation of the Winter Guard. While this issue will never bring the prices of a single character’s first appearance, it will make gains if the rumors begin to swirl of the Guard coming to the big or small screen.




Avengers-43-198x300 An MCU Winter Guard? It Could HappenAVENGERS #43

Ever since David Harbour was announced to be portraying Alexei Shostakov in Black Widow, this issue has been on fire. Now that we have seen Harbour in full Red Guardian attire, it’s only going to fan the flames. To give you some perspective, two years ago, a 5.5 Avengers #43 sold for just $28. This past October, that same 5.5 grade brought $200. So far this month, a 6.5 has sold for $150, while an 8.0 went for $350 after it averaged $120 last year.





Champions-7-198x300 An MCU Winter Guard? It Could HappenCHAMPIONS #7

Nothing has been said about Laynia Petrovna – better known as Darkstar – being part of the MCU, but it’s reasonable to assume that she will find her way into a movie or Disney+ series. If the Winter Guard is eventually brought to live-action, it would be hard not to feature her as part of the team. Since its inception, Darkstar has been a key member, and fans will want to see her on screens.





Hulk-256-192x300 An MCU Winter Guard? It Could HappenINCREDIBLE HULK #258

The internet is buzzing with the rumor that the Black Widow trailer has an Ursa Major Easter egg hiding in it. That will make Hulk #258 an extremely popular issue very soon.

Of all the members of the Winter Guard, I hope to see Ursa Major the most. Although he is technically a mutant, the Russian super solider is as stereotypically Russian as it gets (after all, he is a Russian bear). Seeing him shapeshift into a giant bear with enough super-strength to square off with the Hulk would make for a great onscreen visual. 




Tales-of-Suspense-48-204x300 An MCU Winter Guard? It Could HappenTALES OF SUSPENSE #48

Anton Vanko won’t be reappearing in the MCU (after all, he met his demise at the end of Iron Man 2), but that doesn’t mean Crimson Dynamo can’t be on the team. There have been a total of thirteen characters who have suited up as Crimson Dynamo, which leaves a dozen possibilities for an MCU Russian Iron Man. As far as comic speculation, that could add value to Tales of Suspense #48 not because it’s the first appearance of Vanko, but because it’s the debut of the original Crimson Dynamo. 






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