Amigo Comics November 2013 Solicitations

by Jeff

SEP130844 Amigo Comics November 2013 SolicitationsThe kind folks at Amigo Comics have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the September 2013 Previews, scheduled to ship starting November 2013.

ROGUES! Vol. 2, #2

Story by: El Torres
Art by: Lolita Aldea
Color by: Sandra Molina
Cover Artist: Lolita Aldea

The Rogues are now part of the crew of Hakon the Deathless… and they are looking for the dragon Armod!

In this new issue, our couple of reputed thieves, Bram and The Weasel, ends up far away from his usual turf. They are not enthusiastic at all about the epic saga they are living. And there is more than that: the prophecies of the Half-Dead Volva are really… unsettling.

Be ready and discover the way their strong brotherhood will be put to a test! Let’s join Bram and the Weasel in this realm of fantasy, mixing adventure and fun! And be ready too to discover the awesome new rising star Lolita Aldea!

FANTASY, MATURE THEMES SC, 7×10, 32pgs, FC …………… $3.99 UPC Code: 799456681641-00211

SEP130846 Amigo Comics November 2013 Solicitations


Story by: El Torres
Art by: Ruben Rojas
Cover Artist: Ruben Rojas

A long time ago, giant monsters dwelled Earth and altered human evolution… and even fed on us. Do you want to know more about this story? It is the Gargantuan tale! In this second issue of Gargantuan, Los Angeles does not exist anymore. The mind of Crius, inside the body of the Gargantuan walks the Earth. And even the nuclear power cannot stop him. The monster brings death and destruction, and also involution… His spores turn people into primal and savage primates. Sarah Lozen ends up fighting for her life… and she might be the key to destroy the titan!

Be prepared to join her in this amazing story illustrated by the awesome Rubén Rojas, written by El Torres!

ACTION, ALL AGES SC 7×10, 32pgs, FC, $3.99
UPC Code: 799456681634-00211

SEP130844 Amigo Comics November 2013 Solicitations


Story by: Xavier Morell
Art by: Sergi San Julián
Cover Artist: Sergi San Julián

Have you ever heard of a drug that links you to the supernatural? This drug is on the streets… but only for the rich and wealthy people. The core of the dealers are in Spain. D.E.A. Agent Summer to join her forces with a weird agent from a Spanish agency. This agent possesses strange powers. Moreover, she assures she’s the real daughter of the Moon!

Enjoy this new story with the awesome illustrations of Sergi San Julián. His brilliant art illustrates this amazing adventure mixing action and supernatural!

UPC Code: 799456681658-00111

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