Amid Power Shakeup, DC Films Has Its Eye on a New Flash Actor

by Matt Tuck

102122C-1024x536 Amid Power Shakeup, DC Films Has Its Eye on a New Flash ActorThere’s no escaping Ezra Miller and the actor’s numerous scandals, but is it enough for the new DC Films brass to recast its Flash? A new rumor says Warner Bros. Discovery is doing just that.

The DCEU continues to make headlines, and this could be long overdue in the eyes of many fans. The latest reports indicate that 1917 star George MacKay is the frontrunner to take over the role from the controversial Miller.

George-MacKay-1917 Amid Power Shakeup, DC Films Has Its Eye on a New Flash Actor

Making a full list of all the allegations levied against Miller is an article in and of itself, having been accused of everything from assault and burglary to grooming children, leading to multiple criminal investigations. It’s left the fate of one of DC’s most anticipated films, The Flash, in doubt. 

To this point, the word on the internet is that Warner Bros. Pictures had debated several options, including digitally removing and reshooting Miller’s scenes or canceling the movie altogether, but it would seem the embattled actor is still the film’s star. With DC Films president Walter Hamada’s exit from WB, all bets could be off, and MacKay may be ready to step into the coveted role in the near future.


While Miller’s troubles have cast a dark cloud over what should have been the DCEU’s flagship movie, certainly recasting the part with MacKay would be welcome news. That would no doubt help the values on those key issues.

Like so many DC characters, The Flash has been running rings around the Multiverse since the Golden Age. When Jay Garrick turned over the speedster title to Barry Allen, the hero only became that much more popular. With a popularity that has lasted for eight decades, those Golden and Silver Age keys are supremely expensive and always will be. Bad behavior from an actor or not, nothing is going to change that fact.

For today, let’s take a closer look at a couple of the more modern Flash key issues, specifically those possibly tied to the upcoming The Flash movie. What makes this a challenge is that so much is still not known about the new film.


Crisis-on-Infinite-Earths-8-197x300 Amid Power Shakeup, DC Films Has Its Eye on a New Flash Actor

The modern Flash era begins with Crisis #8. Along with being a popular George Perez cover, this issue marked a turning point for the Flash Family. Barry Allen was seemingly killed, thus handing the Scarlet Speedster reigns to Wally West. It was a pivotal issue that surprised many readers, proving that DC was willing to bring down the axe on practically any of its legacy characters. This would be one way to explain the actor change, if indeed WB puts MacKay in the role after The Flash. Miller’s Barry could bite the CGI dust in time with MacKay playing Wally West from there forward. How you would pull that off in a film that’s already started filming is beyond me, but it’s an idea.

For the past 30 days, the graded 9.8 has averaged $175, though we did see a $200 sale in September.


Final-Crisis-2.-jpg-192x300 Amid Power Shakeup, DC Films Has Its Eye on a New Flash Actor

You can’t talk about the death of Barry Allen without including his return in 2008’s Final Crisis #2. With all the talk of Multiverses and character variants in the DCEU’s possible future, this would be a great story to adapt for the big screen. It would help explain all the happenings in their cinematic universe while giving them a chance to reset if that’s the direction WB wants to go. 

This is not one of the more famous keys, so prices are on the cheap side. The last graded copy sold online was in 2015 when a 9.8 went for just $8.

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