AMERICAN VAMPIRE hardcover receives bonus features

by Jeff

MAY100262D AMERICAN VAMPIRE hardcover receives bonus featuresMedia Release — The very first AMERICAN VAMPIRE hardcover is on Final Order Cutoff this week – and now, DC Comics unveils the bonus features in this can’t-miss collection!

Along with the first five issues of the hit Vertigo series – written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King, with art by Rafael Albuquerque – AMERICAN VAMPIRE VOL. 1 includes:

* All five variant covers, with art by Jim Lee, Bernie Wrightson, Andy Kubert, J.H. Williams III and Paul Pope
* An introduction by Stephen King
* An afterword by Scott Snyder
* A sketchbook section featuring Rafael Albuquerque’s cover sketches and character designs
* Sample script pages by Snyder and King, along with the corresponding art by Albuquerque in black and white

Here’s what the critics are saying about AMERICAN VAMPIRE:

“Looking for a vampire story with some real bite? Then, boys and girls, Scott Snyder has a comic book for you. His American Vampire series debuts in comic shops today, and Snyder’s taking literary royalty along for one bloody good ride. The master of horror himself, Stephen King is writing a backup story in each of the first five issues.” – USA Weekend

“Fresh and original.” – Entertainment Weekly

“AMERICAN VAMPIRE is full of amazing dialogue and great characterization, simply an amazing book that begs to be picked up.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“We’ve seen comics from King before, and plenty of novelists attempting the jump to comics like Snyder, and of course, more than enough vampire franchises, but after reading the first issue we can say that the resulting comic here is something far more than the sum of those familiar parts, and beautiful besides, thanks to the spectacular art of Albuquerque.” – AOL Comics Alliance

“Sophisticated.” – The Onion A/V Club

“One hell of a satisfying package . . . a rich, textured romp through vampire Americana, in such a fun way as to suggest the possibilities of this vehicle are as endless as the lives of the undead.” – IGN

“Structured the way it is – with Snyder and King presenting very different tonal approaches to the vampire genre, even while sharing a character in common – the first issue feels layered. It feels literary. And yet still wonderfully nasty. It’s not just another vampire story. It’s a story about America. Bloody, vicious, and a whole lot of fun.” – Comic Book Resources

“Snyder, King and Albuquerque have definitely come up with a fresh angle on undead high jinks – one that feels as comfortable as a pair of old boots, but is as creepy as ghost stories around the campfire. This is truly an American vampire tale, one that disdains Europe’s rules for the genre and is as rowdy as the Old West.” – Scripps Howard News Service

AMERICAN VAMPIRE VOL. 1 HC (MAY100262) is on Final Order Cutoff on June 10 and is scheduled to arrive in stores on September 29 with a cover price of $24.99 US.

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