America Chavez: Keys to Watch Out For

by Matt Tuck

042822C-1024x536 America Chavez: Keys to Watch Out ForThere’s a new America coming to the Multiverse, America Chavez. She stands to become a major player in the MCU, so get started collecting her key issues.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is brimming with characters. Besides three versions of Strange, there are a couple of Scarlet Witches, Gargantos, Rintrah, Baron Mordo, Professor X, the Illuminati, and possibly the Marvel Zombies. It doesn’t leave much room for America Chavez, but the newest addition to the MCU could be the catalyst for the entire movie.

Who is she? Hailing from the Utopian Parallel, America was given superpowers by the dimension’s deity, the Demiurge. She then left her home to hone her crafts as a hero, though the Utopian Parallel was destroyed. America found her way to Earth-616, and that is likely where MOM will pick up.

Before she becomes an MCU star of movies and Disney+, what keys should you track down? You’ve come to the right place.

Vengeance-1-192x300 America Chavez: Keys to Watch Out ForVENGEANCE #1

Of all the America Chavez keys to feel the heat from her MOM debut, it’s been Vengeance #1 at the top of the list. Her first appearance was a mystery.

We find Miss America breaking down blast doors and flying down hallways. Aiding her are two members of the new Teen Brigade – the original lineup first appeared in 1963’s Incredible Hulk #6, for those curious – and there’s nothing that says they won’t arrive in MOM as well. It gives another reason collectors want to get their hands on this issue.

For the past year, the graded 9.8 has skyrocketed to a near $1,400 average. A year ago, it catapulted to a record $2k sale. Throughout April, it has consistently stayed in the $1k range as we approach the movie premiere. The cheaper alternative is the 9.6. At an almost identical grade, the price tag drops to about $500.

If those sound too pricey, they are bargains compared to the variant edition. Also at that vaulted 9.8, this one sold for $5,999 in February. Just last month, it sold for $4,406.56. Even at a 9.6, it still sells in the $2k range.

Marvel-Now-Point-One-1-standard-2012-195x300 America Chavez: Keys to Watch Out ForMARVEL NOW! POINT ONE #1 (2012)

The first cover appearance is always a hot item when a character makes that transition to the big screen, and America Chavez gets her first cover art here.

As Nick Fury, Jr. scatters comics, you can clearly see America along with her fellow Teen Brigade members. 

Compared to Vengeance #1, Marvel Now! Point One is a steal.

Despite climbing prices, you can still get a 9.8 for $200 or less on average.

Young-Avengers-14-195x300 America Chavez: Keys to Watch Out ForYOUNG AVENGERS, VOL. 2, #14

Chances are, MOM will visit America’s home world, the Utopian Parallel. Readers first encountered this magical place in the Multiverse when Young Avengers #14 delved into America’s origin story.

This will be an especially important key if Marvel Studios has bigger plans for America beyond supporting roles in other characters’ movies and/or streaming series.

While there are no graded sales on record, you can find raw copies for around $20.


America Chavez should be a breakout star after MOM’s premiere. Reportedly, Kevin Feige is currently planning the next 10 years’ worth of Marvel projects, and I would imagine that will include more appearances for Miss America. If that is the case, these keys will only get more expensive.

Are you hunting America Chavez keys? Let us know in the comments!

Signup_Footer America Chavez: Keys to Watch Out For*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Kenloi May 3, 2022 - 9:05 am

Hadn’t realised Vengeance variant had got to those prices. It will be interesting to see where Vengeance 1 variant goes after her movieverse appearance. Could it rival Ultimate Fallout 4 variant at its current price in 9.8?

Hex May 3, 2022 - 2:33 pm

Once again, Go Collect proves it is run by people who do not actually read comics, only speculating on issues driven by film appearances. The characters that Chavez is with on the cover of Marvel Now Point One are Wiccan, and “kid” Loki; NOT members of the Teen Brigade. That line up is from the second iteration of Young Avengers.

Matt Tuck May 4, 2022 - 11:14 pm

Mistakes happen, Hex. While I do read comics and have since the ’80s, I don’t claim to have read every single comic ever printed. Dial back the outrage, and thanks for reading.

Hex May 5, 2022 - 12:37 pm

Not so much “outrage”, as disappointment that the folks who claim to be experts don’t deem it necessary to fact check or do cursory research before pushing the publish button. I am often astonished at the obvious mistakes published on GoCollect, this isn’t the first that I have spotted, there are many… as you say; mistakes happen. However, If you can’t get the simple facts straight, it undermines your credibility along with the rest of the information published on your site.
Although I do appreciate the articles on your blog, the majority of GoCollect speculation is driven by whatever flavour of the month Disney decides to put out and the multitude of ridiculous rumours that accompany those properties (which unfortunately appears to fuel the secondary market). It would be refreshing to read something about what is actually go on within the comic industry aside from what Hollywood is currently pillaging.

GQGuyforComics May 6, 2022 - 3:10 am

@hex , i truly applaud your comment on this one. same sentiments. i dont know how some people who writes here exactly know the effect of what they are doing, im sure a lot of people come here to read and learn about comic books because this site is a source and anything thats written is a kind of information to learn, not taking away the possibility of starting a trend. they dont realize the trust that they get from the public which follows them, if they just mention something like check out or buy or collect a unknown or not a hot book poofff ! you can see this books on ebay up with crazy prices , even speculating news affects books only to find its wrong or didnt happen ( some writers do apologize or take back what they say ) , especially those who claim the phenomenon of the comic book market base on the charts and sales they analyze maybe by sales volume or how much it was sold they get on their charts but does it cover the whole thing , which at times made me suspect maybe maybe this people are manipulators in someway since they too sell im sure ( who doesnt ) , dont get me wrong i truly want this hobby to be meaningful even to make money , but i just hope you dont do stuff to get your personal gain or claim that the market is yada yada yada , no one wrote about how many books plummeting vs the books that gain in value , which books or era are doing better versus certain era. having 5 books thats hot versus 5 book that are cold isnt going to cut it. i hope they see the effect of what they do , each comic books has a period of hot and cold depending on how many is paying attention to it. this site do affect people attention or you could say is a marketing tool for comic books , i certainly will give them that.

Kenloi May 8, 2022 - 4:59 am

We are all ‘Experts’ in our own heads. See this site for what it is a site run by humans not computers.A bit of fun and a bit of knowledge which we can then all go away and research ourselves.At present the movieverse is fueling FOMO speculation.Be clever, if a speculator, invester or collecter wants to keep ahead of the pack find ‘cold’ comics. Read then store and wait for what used to be the magic 25 year to elapse before a comic became worth anything. Most people now wont wait that long. Hence the usefullness of sites like this. Use it as a tool and not gospel…Sorry to be patronising.


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