Amazing Spider-Man #800

by Norman Robinson III

724459_amazing-spider-man-800-195x300 Amazing Spider-Man #800

For those of you following the Amazing Spider-Man storyline around Red Goblin and his first appearance, you have an additional treat coming. “Amazing Spider-Man #800 will have Peter Parker regain his black costume and apparently after the relaunch by Marvel writer Nick Spencer is going to have the black costume sticking around” (CBM). Spencer is a widely utilized writer throughout DC, Image, and Marvel. Some of his more notable works are Secret Avengers and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (Wiki). Perhaps he can bring some thunder to the pages of Amazing Spider-man which has been dragging the Red-Gobie first appearance out ad infinitum.

The title to Amazing Spider-Man #800A is “Go Down Swinging” with an awesome Alex Ross cover and Dan Slott writing a hopeful 80-page story that is supposedly “unmatched in comics!” We will put that statement to the test, won’t we fanboys. The writing has been adequate to date; maybe this #800 will really wow Spidey geeks. You can bet the multi covers and prints will be expensive and very limited. I hope I can get my hands on an Alex Ross cover under $20.

Let’s use Amazing Spider-Man #795 as a rough template to gauge interest and a possible speculation play for ASM #800. Currently, ASM #795 has had 27 sales, is ranked #4 top recent comic sales (GoCollect) and has returned approximately 2.3% at the (9.6) grade level. Perhaps when #800 publishes it will surpass this record as pre-orders are currently booming. The potential to actually see the Red Goblin exists. Get in line to buy a copy of ASM #800 so you can have the first Red Goblin appearance in your collection, finally.

Con Adventures

The conventions are a great place to purchase comic book related material or comics themselves. In fact, it may be the best place period to buy comics. After all, the last medium sized con I attended had at least 20 comic book resellers. From large mega booths to small mom and pop sized comic tables. One thing in common there were plenty of books, hence an oversupply of product. Which ultimately means the price can be negotiated down. This is a buyers market. Several of my Venom: Lethal Protector #1’s came from an over-saturated con like this one.

Negotiating with Resellers

Now if you aren’t negotiating the prices of the comics you buy; well big kids now is the time to start. Often the comics you want are already priced to perfection. The vendors know that and are waiting for an offer. If you see Amazing Spider-Man #700 in perfect condition at a con and they want $25 offer $20. Quite often the vendors are desperate for a sale. Don’t be afraid the worst they can say is “No!” Okay, onto the next booth. Use the Force Luke, talk to your victim, I mean vendor and tell them “these are not the prices (droids) you are looking for.”

Buying from the $1 Bins

This is not a waste of time. Bring a list of what you want and take your time. The hunt is the thing, not the quarry. Have fun, looking up comics you have never seen and speculating on discount boxes. If your con has $1 bins, they will probably be full of damaged comics, single issues, and overprinted variants. But every once in a while you will find a minor key, or near mint comic that has more value then you are paying for it. Happy hunting!

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