Amazing Spider-Man #572 Gets A New Printing

by Jeff

Things are never easy for our favorite web-slinger. With Norman Osborn and the Thunderbolts breathing down his neck, he can’t catch a break! “New Ways to Die” is a critical hit and has everyone talking! In response to the buzz Marvel is pleased to announce that Amazing Spider-Man #572 has sold out at Diamond (although copies may be available at a retail level) and will be going back to print with Amazing Spider-Man #572 Second Printing Variant! Featuring a stunning cover featuring the interior art of John Romita Jr., Amazing Spider-Man #572 Second Printing Variant gives you one more chance to catch all the jaw-dropping action in Dan Slott & Romita Jr’s epic arc of Amazing Spider-Man.

ASM_572_SecondPrintingVariant Amazing Spider-Man #572 Gets A New Printing

What happens when Anti-Venom almost puts Venom out of commission? With the funding of Oscorp and the Thunderbolts, Norman’s got infinite resources to show Spidey some “New Ways to Die.” Norman’s planning something and that means bad news for anyone around him. Is there any way to take down Anti-Venom AND Spider-Man at the same time? Find out in Amazing Spider-Man #572 Second Printing Variant!

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Amazing Spider-Man as “New Ways to Die” continues to sell out at Diamond and generate buzz among fans!

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—10/2/08, On-Sale—10/22/08

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