Amazing Fantasy #15 Original Artwork Published

by Jeff

Per Blake Bell, Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man TP Vol 1 features the original artwork from Amazing Fantasy #15 that is currently located at the Library of Congress. It also features a commentary on the artwork that he wrote.

Today, Marvel Comics is releasing a paperback version ($24.99) of the Marvel Masterworks that collects up to issue #10 of the Ditko/Lee Amazing Spider-Man run, but what makes this printing so special is the main bonus feature.

For the first time ever, the original art of the origin story of Spider-Man (from Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug ’62) that was donated to the Library of Congress last year will see print in this volume.

Also, Marvel asked me to contribute not only a two-page essay on the discovery, but to provide commentary on each of the 11 pages in the story regarding what I saw of interest on the original art. I was given access to seriously high quality and super-large scans of the artwork and found some fascinating stuff that will only add to the legend of Ditko and Lee’s creation and the process behind developing the work!

NOV082435D Amazing Fantasy #15 Original Artwork Published NOV082434D Amazing Fantasy #15 Original Artwork Published

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