Alterna Titles Among Few On Amazon’s Kindle

by Jeff

Levittown, NY – July 4th, 2008 – Amazon’s Kindle, the handheld e-book reader, now has five new titles to add to its long list of quality e-book reads. BIRTH, JESUS HATES ZOMBIES: THOSE SLACK-JAW BLUES, FORMERA VOL.1, MORBID MYTHS VOL.1, AND NOVO VOL.1. These titles are now available for purchase on the Kindle! Only a short list of about 50 comic titles are on the Kindle at this time, as most publishers and Kindle users are seemingly unaware of the graphic capabilities that the Kindle possesses.

Manny Burgos, a graphic artist that has written two ebooks on the subject of Kindle graphics, wrote a review on BIRTH regarding his reading experience on the Kindle, “I’ve worked with MANY different artists in the past few months helping them improve their images on the Kindle, and I have to stay that this is the BEST artwork I’ve ever seen on this device. ALTERNA COMICS should take a bow for taking the chance to be the FIRST graphic novel available on the Kindle, and for releasing such a well-done publication as the first of their many future Kindle ebooks. Their example should inspire and motivate other indie comic creators to follow suit and explore this emerging method of publication and delivery.” The rest of his review can be seen on the BIRTH product link listed below.

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Formera Volume One

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51bCwfpoZ8L._SL160_ Alterna Titles Among Few On Amazon's Kindle
Novo: The Birth of Novo

61wV-5FPwfL._SL160_ Alterna Titles Among Few On Amazon's Kindle
Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues
by Stephen Lindsay, Mike Bartolotta

51wQOCcaV1L._SL160_ Alterna Titles Among Few On Amazon's Kindle
Morbid Myths: The Collection
by Dale Mettam

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